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    Suggest what to do if there is a mistake in Application form

    Have you made some mistake in filling the application form? Wondering whether an affidavit is enough to correct the mistake? Check out this page for advice from experts and decide further course of action to rectify the mistake.

    I have filled up some wrong information in the application.
    I have two experience certificate (one for Apprentice trainee and another for a regular one). In the application form, I duly filled up as one(including the training period). But I worked in the same place(client site) both during training and the regular.
    Will there be any effect in career if I submit an affidavit for correcting some wrong information in application form for a job?
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  • There will not be any problem. During the certificate verification show them both the certificates and tell them as both are from the same organisation, it was filled as only one organisation and the total period is given in the same way only. You can explain this to them. Many people will not accept your apprentice period as experience. That may not be added to your experience. Even without that if you have sufficient experience for the post it is OK. Otherwise, if the experience is less they may not consider your application.

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