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    How to collect information about roads in North East?

    Interested in collecting information about the roads in North East? Searching for the detailed information regarding the graphs, statistics and budget involved? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with the required information.

    Bad roads has become universal in Indian. However, there are KACHAA, roads riddled with potholes and underdeveloped roads in many parts of Nagaland. I am a bug fan of Druv Rathee. I have also seen amazing debates and discussion about corrupt governments, and other good debates with detailed information and concrete proofs.

    I would like to shoot a video like him. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to start. I am also planning to shoot my first video and upload it to YouTube about the bad roads and evolvement of political parties in this matter. Can anyone help me how to I collect information regarding for the same. This is specifically about Nagaland.

    Help me to collect info about GREF.
    1. Why Nagaland state government have no more affiliation with the GREF
    2. What is the he total cost to construct roads in Nagaland from 2015 to 2018
    3. Why state governments are offering roads contracts to local contractors
    4. What is the cost to construct 100km roads in Nagaland
    5. A detailed graph and statistic if available
    6. Are politicians involved in this?
    7. Central government records of budget announced for construction of roads for the previous year 2018
    8. Envolvement of political parties necessary for this project?

    Any other info left out by me, you can write down below in the comment section.

    Please I need this info in detail.
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  • There is an interesting work on the subject of Roads in Nagaland done by a University in India. You can refer that book which may be useful to you to understand better. The link is given below. The book is giving all required information on all roads in Nagaland.

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  • You are going for an ambitious project and I will suggest you to collect data from authentic sources only like Govt sites in the internet and not to rely on unauthenticated sources or general perception in public. Some of these information will be available only in the state Govt concerned offices and they will not part with it quoting it as sensitive information. But you do have proper ways to address this and in public interest you can always ask these information with a RTI query which is a very simple procedure and is a sure shot way of retrieving information from the Govt offices.

    Now, coming to some of the general things and answers related to your query, I would like to mention here that road maintenance in our country, not only in Nagaland but in all other states, is mainly affected by one inherent factor and that is reluctance of state governments in going for concrete roads instead of the traditional tar roads on the plea of lack of annual budgets or things like that.

    Our national highway program is going nicely because the small contractors are not there and Govt is paying very good money for the concrete roads being laid under the project.

    Border Road Organisation is doing good work in border areas as they are getting sufficient funds to maintain and repair the roads and they do not have stringent tender conditions as against that of the state Govt.

    If a state Govt is not having affiliation with GREF then the only reason can be that they do not want to share this particular budget element with BRO - GREF and instead want to do this job themselves.

    Corruption is also an issue as there will be some corrupt element also in the Govt machinery who will be taking advantage of the chaos situation in this respect but we can not just like that blame or charge them without concrete proofs.

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  • Umesh, we have the official page of RTI can you help me collect more info in detail from there.

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