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    What next after entering in PSB as a deputy manager

    Want to know the career options after deputy manager in a public sector bank? Searching for guidance regarding other career options? Check out this page and get information regarding CAT, CS, FRM and MPPSc on this Ask Expert page.

    I am already working in a public sector bank since last 2.5 years and with this have completed Jaiib, Caiib, & many other certified courses which can be required in future in financial world. Now I want to pursue something more but I am very confused what to do next. Some of the options I have selected which can be done after 3 hours of study as I have left with only 3 hours after my job.

    Options are like -
    CAT (I am already an M.B.A. but can prepare again for IIM)
    C.S.(company secretary)
    FRM (Financial risk management)

    Or any other option which you think fit, please guide me.
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  • You are already working in a Public Sector Bank. Now you want to make a growth in your career.

    There are two ways of tackling this ambition. First is go for some additional qualification and think of switching the job to some greener pastures. This will require a lot of additional efforts and will have inherent associated risks.

    Second option is to go for departmental merit exams in your bank itself for quick rise in the organization.

    Now you have a limited time for studies so you can go for correspondence course in company secretary or some advance financial module which will give you an opportunity to get the suitable position in your organization itself.

    Please remember that whatever plan you are going to adopt for your enhancement of knowledge in the banking and financial sector it should be done with the permission of your department. It is necessary to apply for any course through proper channel so that you get leave in time for appearing in the exam etc. Please note that you will be referring this additional qualification for your growth in you department also in addition to any outside place for applying so its knowledge should be known to your present organization.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are working as Deputy Manager in PSB. For your career improvement, you have to follow a two-way approach.
    You have to get your knowledge in your area of work. This you can do by acquiring new certification courses and diploma courses in the concerned line.
    The second one you have to write the department examinations which will make you eligible for getting the promotion. You have to prepare well for those examinations and get qualified and get ready for getting a promotion.
    If you have already acquired MBA again going for the same through IIM may not be required as already you are in a job. You can prepare for financial Risk Management courses which will help you in getting good jobs in reputed Banks. If you are interested you can do ACS also.
    I give first preference to face departmental examination and get qualified in those examinations as you will go up in the ladder in a fast track.

    always confident

  • Since you are already employed in a Public Sector Bank and I can foresee your future with your attachment to the same bank. This will offer you to accumulate experience in the similar line helping you for faster growth by passing the departmental examinations conducted by the Banking Board.
    As far as your perception regarding taking up the examination of CAT so as to be inducted in IMM, does not appear to be a realistic approach in view of the additional strain to be put for the preparation of examination for such a degree which you are already having. Moreover there can be a service - break in being a regular student of IMM and considering your break in the job, there will be an abundant financial loss.
    Financial Risk Management can prove to boon in your case since you are working in the Banking sector and so by acquiring this qualification, you are sure to gain a lucrative post in some reputed bank.
    Ph.D and Company - secretary would require your full devotion in relation to studies and in such situation, you can continue your present job due to extreme pressure.
    Whatever you do, you need to take approval from your management.

  • You are employed in a bank.You have acquired certain additional qualifications which are more needed and suitable in a banking job. You have already completed two and half years in your current job.
    In such circumstances the prudent alternative is to do necessary for carer elevation in banking sector itself. Hence you may choose the course or additional qualification which will help you to rise i career with the present employer or to switch to another bank. You may also try job in the financial sector where the banking experience with additional qualification is considered beneficial.

    Hence it will be prudent to go for FRM.

    As you have already an MBA the CAT route is now superfluous and may not yield result the way you expect.
    Similarly the CS option is also not suitable at this juncture, because it may need some gestation period to reach the level in that comparable to your present level and may need a lot of efforts and time to establish, if you want to be self employed .
    MPPSC also may take some time , but you can pursue it without leaving the present job and leave if you get a better option in that.
    There is no problem if you pursue Ph D also.

    From the options given by you, I would suggest you may choose anyone from them except the CAT for IIM Admission.
    Howevere please do not leave the current job unless you get a better one in all ways.

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