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    How can I get cement agency of Ultra tech

    Are you planning to set up an agency of cement? Looking out for suggestions and how much security deposit is needed to set up the franchisee? Here, on this page you can scroll through the responses from experts and decide how to start the agency.

    Solution and what is the process to get Ultra tech or Ambuja cement agency? How much money has to be deposited as security with both companies? Can you give me some good suggestion, so that it may be profitable for me.
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  • Cement business in India is in very good shape as a lot of construction works and infrastructure works are in progress. If you have some experience in cement selling it will be an added advantage to you, to get the dealership of Ultra Tech Cement. If in your area already a dealer of the company is where it will be difficult to get the dealership.
    To get the dealership You need to get your business registered with a TIN (Tax Payer Identification Number) and other requirements for running a commercial business in India.
    You will require making an initial investment between Rs 500,000 to 10 lakhs as a security deposit and other requirements to the company of your choice that is ultra tech. The initial security deposit paid will be returned back generally once the relationship is over with simple bank interest.
    You will need at least a 500 sq ft area with basic amenities to stock the cement bags without deteriorating its quality. The area should be sufficient for a lorry to come and load or unload cement bags
    You will have to contact the marketing executive of Ultra tech cement company in your area. They will give you a clear idea of the prospect with all the additional details you may need. Return on investment On an average, you should be making Rs 10 to 15 on every cement bag you sell.

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  • If you are interested in taking a dealership or start an agency of the Ultra tech or Ambuja cement, the first thing you need to do is get a a TIN (Tax Payer Identification Number) for your business. for this first you have to register your business following all the rules and regulations that are necessary to be eligible for running any commercial business in any of the states of India.

    to start with, you need to be ready for investing a Rs 500,000 to 10 00000 as a security deposit irrespective of which company you choose to partner with. Generally once the initial payment and other formalities are over and you want to close down the dealership, they pay you back your deposit amount.

    To show that you can run the agency properly, you'll have to own or rent a 3000 sq ft area and a go-down that has a capacity to accommodate minimum of 5000 bags of cement. These requirements however will vary from one company to another. But you need a covered space that should be equipped with the basic amenities to accommodate the stock while maintaining its quality. Saying that, I mean to say, it shouldn't be damp, or open from any sides and should have electricity connection etc.
    A parking area is an added requirement, where the trucks can be parked and it shouldn't be far away from the place.
    However, both these companies will also ensure that you are capable of managing a few people working under you, and people with managerial skills will be always preferred.

  • Due to various developmental schemes and urbanisation, the construction industry is doing very good in present times and seeing this sustained activities, the scope for cement business is a lucrative proposition.

    For seeking a dealership the first thing is the registration of the firm and other mandatory tax registration and getting tax identification number of the business. This is different than the personal tax account number that is commonly known as PAN.

    Once these things are in place, one has to assure for a showroom and storage area for the cement bags in a dry and moisture free place.

    There are many cement ompanies but their dealership requirements are more and less same. They seek 3000 sq ft for the main shop and another storage area for at least keeping 5000 bags.

    Another thing is security deposit. Generally these companies ask for a deposit to the tune of Rs 10 lakhs. These companies also require certain sales level and depending on that give discounts and encouragement schemes to the dealer.

    With good sales one can have a margin of 8-10 %. The most important thing is the selection of area for the shop. One has to decide it based on the number of wholesale shops already available in the vicinity. If the deslers are more there will be a cut throat competition for sale.
    Another thing is if there are already many dealers in a particular area, company may be reluctant to increase the dealership there and they will share this with you on the first negotiation meeting itself. So go to them well prepared about the expected sales and number of the dealers available in the target location.

    To begin with you will have to hire an assistant for the shop who will be in the capacity of a manager cum clerk and you will also be requiring labourers on as and when required basis. So while going for the selection of the place for the shop, these aspects are also to be kept in mind.

    Today every business has become competitive and the margins are shrinking. So one must have good communication and networking skills for making progress in any business and that is true for the cement business also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In order to be a dealer of Ultra - tech, you would be require to follow the points as listed below -
    1) You need to assess your locality and should be aware of consumption- pattern of cement of your area. If this is an industrial area having huge demands of flats or constructional activities, you will be allowed dealership provided no other dealer of the same company is operative within a distance of 5 km from your area.
    2) You need to procure Tax Identification Number with the government officials and you need the procure the registration of your firm.
    3) You should have sufficient space in your shop approximately around 3000 sq feet followed by a godown to accommodate around 5000 bags of cement.
    4) You need to be good planner with respect to consumption and demand of cement of your area and accordingly order for cement is to placed to the company.
    5) Your salesman should be smart while dealing with the customers and should have pleasing personality to convince the customers regarding the superior quality of cement.

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