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    Want to learn Artificial Intelligence

    Planning to study artificial intelligence? Looking out for online courses to study the pre requisites of machine learning apart from knowing programming languages? Find responses from experts for your queries here.

    I am trying buy some online courses to learn A.I.
    I came to know that I have to learn Machine Learning for that. I know PHP and Python languages and also have experience in using Pygame, Laravel, Django.

    I am confused about what to learn in M.L and from where?(Online courses)

    I want to learn A.I in 3-4months
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  • There are many online courses for AI and ML.
    1.PG Program in Machine Learning and AI: This course is designed for Working Professionals. More than 450 hours of learning. There will be 12 case studies and assignments. There will be an industry mentor for one to one learning. This course is offered by UpGrad.
    2. Machine Learning Engineer: This course is offered by UDACITY. In this program Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement, and Deep Learning fundamentals will be taught. A capstone project in the chosen domain will be completed. 2 terms course and total duration is 6 months. 5 to 10 hours study during a week.
    3.Machine Learning Certification Course: This course is offered by Simplilearn. This course will make you an expert in machine learning that automates data analysis. You will be taught machine learning concepts and techniques like supervised and unsupervised learning, mathematical and heuristic aspects and hands-on modelling to develop algorithms. 36 hours of instructor taught a course with 4 project works.
    4.Data Science Classroom Bootcamp Certificate: This course is certified by NIT Kurukshetra. This is an In-person and Immersive training programme. This course is for 24 weeks.

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fast emerging area today as more and more automation and remote control technologies are on the anvil. With your background in computer programming and interest in this niche area it makes sense to go for higher and advanced courses in this field.

    These courses generally cover Problem Formulation and Solving, AI / ML Algorithms, Deep learning and neural networks etc. Then, there are advanced courses in specialized sub areas.

    If you are interested in short term courses covering AI and ML then some of the institutes/ online training centres are as follows -

    (l) ZenRays Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

    (2) Udacity - You have to visit for details.

    (3) International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad.

    (4) Tech Trunk, Mumbai / Hyderabad.

    (5) Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber Security and Telecommunication, Mumbai.

    (6) Coursera - You have to visit for details.

    Some of the above institutes offer free courses for the beginners for basic understanding but charge for advanced courses. Due to the job potential in AI/ ML, there are many such institutes come up in the online mode and you have to see the detailed syllabus and other relevant information in their site before taking a decision in this matter.

    Fees are also varying greatly as per the reputation of the institutes. Please go through the comments of the people who have taken training from them in their site as that will be helpful in shortlisting.

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  • 1. edX Platform has a lot about Machine for Machine learning, namely Introduction to Aritificial Intelligence (AI) from Microsoft, its a self placed course.
    Machine learning fundamentals from the university of UCSanDiegoX, started on January 2,2019. Essentials Math for Machine Learning, R Edision, from Microsoft, its also a self paced course. Principles of Machine learning,
    R edition, from Microsoft, its also a self paced course.
    Data science - Machine learning, from HarvardX, its also a self-paced course.
    Machine learning - ColumbiaX, from MicroMasters, Course starts at February 4, 2019
    Machine learning with python, from IBM, its also a self-paced course.
    Machine learning for Data Science and Analytics, from ColumbiaX, self paced course.

    2. Class Central for Machine learning

    3. Datacamp - Introduction to Machine learning

    4. Data science : Machine Learning from Harvard university , edX is the platform

    5. Machine learning Online Classes, Pluralsight

    6. Machine Learning offered by Stanford university online through coursera

    The course contains Introduction - This module introduces core idea and knowledge of computers and data concepts, the second topic has Linear Regression with One Variable,
    The third topic has Linear Algebra Review, The fourth topic has Linear Regression with multiple variables along with Octave/Matlab Tutorial - This module gives real valued output based on input value,
    Fifth topic has Logistic Regression along with regularization - gives different method with classified data into discrete outcomes,
    Six topic has Neural Networks Representation - examples of the model, introduction of regularization, Seventh topic has Neural Networks Learning, Eighth topic has Advice for Applying Machine Learning, Ninth topic contains Machine learning System Design, Tenth topic contains Support Vector Machines, Eleventh topic has Unsupervised Learning along with Dimensional Reduction, Twelve topic Anomaly Detection along with Recommended Systems, thirteenth topic contains Large Scale Machine Learning, fourteenth topic contains Application Example along with Photo OCR.

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