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    How to help children choose the right career path?

    Interested in knowing the most appropriate age to prepare the child for their career? Searching for advice regarding the most suitable age and what is the best career choice? On this Ask Expert page you can go through the responses provided by experts and decide further course of action.

    Today we are observing how early parents are getting obsessed about choosing the career for their children. But this is putting the young generation in stress. At the same time, we know the competition they are going to face ahead.
    So, what is the ideal time to start preparing the children for their career? And above all, how to know, which career will be the best for them, without imposing the parent's wishes and aspirations on them?
    Please share your opinion on this.
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  • Recently the attitude of parents has undergone tremendous change in relation to choosing the career of their children. They think they can choose a better option in the final selection of the career of the kids despite the fact that the kids have inclinations to different subjects.
    To remain in the safe side, the parents insist on selection of science stream so that they can choose the career of either an engineering or medical career ultimately. While taking any decision with respect to career of the the kids, their opinion is not being heard.

    We have seen many kids interested in English literature or in Economics and they want to make career by choosing either of the two, but that never happens due to insistence of the parents. Ultimately, parent's pressure don't yield significant result owing to lack of interest of the students in the subjects chosen by the parents.

    Once a child completes his class ten, the parents and the kid should sit down together for the ultimate decision of the kid's career. The parents should listen to the interest of the child and should be allowed to explain in detail how he thinks he will be benefited with his choice.
    The parents may be convinced with such a frank discussion and the kid too would be happy with the approval of his parents. Such interaction would be beneficial on the part of the kid and definitely he would do well in his chosen stream.

  • Interest and aptitude are the two pillars of career making. It is very essential to identify the interest of the children. The reason is that an individual can excel or get success in the area where he has interest and liking.

    In my opinion the career making starts from an age of 14-15 years of age when a student joins class IX and starts the high school curriculum. Especially, for the coveted exams like IAS or state administrative services one has to start from class IX itself.

    The biggest problem in this matter is to identify the interest of the student as this is the age when mind flickers from one thing to other. It is human nature to stay away from harder route and take up easier path. The parents have a larger role to play and present a role model to their children if they really want that their children should adopt the path of sincere and serious efforts in the life. The children learn the ways of their parents.

    If the child is taking interest in 'do it yourself ' kits and computer programs and things like that we can deduce that he has an interest in engineering side. But if he is more interested to write poems and stories then we have to help him to progress in the fine arts line.

    One of my cousins was forced to write class XII science exam but he was writing some poems during the exam time and did not appear in Chemistry paper and dropped. Later, he changed stream to humanities and after M.A. did PhD and became a lecturer in a University and retired as professor. As he was associated with social causes also, he later got Padma Shri award also.

    Some children have desire to become big like say qualifying IAS. The parents should tell him about the preparation it needs and the wide coverage of knowledge it requires. If he is interested he will go for it otherwise after hearing those clarifications he will switch to something else. The parents are instrumental in fixing his direction and in that endeavour only they will come to know his interest.

    One of my friends told me that his son has crammed a lot of information from general knowledge guide books and asked me whether it will be helpful in competitive exams. I told him that it could but he should devote some time to understand certain basic details about that information. For example he may be knowing the names of the writers of some 500 top books of the countries of the world including India but he may not be having slightest idea about the contents of those books. If one knows that the book 'Rajatarangini' is written by Kalhana, he should also know that it is the 'history of the Kings of Kashmir' in poetic form so as as to say that he has complete information about the book.

    So, identification of aptitude is the primary thing and after that the hard work, persistence and consistent efforts are the essential requirement for making up an identified career.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is the interest and liking of the students that play an important role in this issue. These days we are observing many parents decide about the education of child without taking into consideration the liking of the child. They want their children to go for BE or MBBS without asking the child about his interest. This will lead to negative results.

    My friend's son was very intelligent. During his tenth class, he used to show more interest towards history and could not grasp science well. He got very good marks in social studies but he just managed to pass the science subjects. But the parents made him take up science stream for intermediate and he fared very badly. He somehow completed the course by appearing in the supplementary exams. By that time the parents understood the aptitude of the child and admitted him to BA history. He did well and joined for MA history. He completed his PhD and is now working as a lecturer in history. This is a clear example to know what is the important factor.
    The parents should feed him the required information and observe his nature during his SSC and he should be asked about his interest in the subject. If that is done the student will excel in his studies as well as a career also.

    always confident

  • Children are generally not able to concentrate as their minds will flicker so we can not force them to prepare for a bright career so early. The situation starts getting clearer only when he enters class XI and chooses the stream of his liking. Sometimes the sudden load of the studies also affects his choice and he becomes disillusioned.

    Definitely the role of parents is very important in such situations and they should try to channelize the child in his favourite line. This requires not only a careful handling of the child but parents should not pamper him financially or emotionally and rather create such atmosphere in the home that he feels responsible for his career and understand its importance. Simply giving him what he demands will only spoil him.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Children's knowledge is restricted when it comes to choosing an occupation or career path. They are aware only of a few occupations which are very famous such as a doctor, engineer, IAS officer, police, teacher and a few more. It is important to broaden their knowledge. Make them familiar with as many occupations as possible. This activity needs to begin at an early age itself. Instead of making choices for the kids, it is important to let them choose for themselves. Allow them to choose a suitable career for themselves. If they have lots of choices, they can narrow it down to a few and thereby set their mind and heart on one which is best out of all.

    Right from an early age, read them about various career options that are available. Lots of information is available online. Sometimes, the kids will start showing some interest in certain occupation. As parents or guardians, it is beneficial to encourage them as much as possible. Let them learn more about it and let them research more. When they reach the age where they have chosen the career or set their heart for something, encourage them. High school years are important as it is the right time to carry out self-assessment which helps in understanding the interests, personality, values and many such things. All these entities are important in determining the right career path for a student.

  • Today's kids are more intelligent than the previous generation kids. Infact every parents are excited to see their children talk about advance things and do advance things in action during the little age. The child's future is important for every parent and their child. Most of them do insist parents ambition in to the growing child instead of knowing whether the child likes about it or not. Some of the parents even force from the small age until the teen age to become a achiever in what the child has to become. This brings stress for children when they are not guided in the right path.

    Only some parents like to leave their child's interest to choose as a career and stand as guide and parent for their children. These types of kids achieve quickly with in their teen age and become master when they grow up with such intention and ambition in their life. This makes the parents special for the child and starts loving them more than before and keeps their parents also happy. Some children choose the engineering as a career, but their parents want them to be a doctor in the society and they implement
    their ideas into child. This brings stress when the child does not understand why their parent does not want them go into the career of their own. The child thinks in two ways whether to choose which one and try to adopt to parents ambition in the older age. The parents do this for the child future, the child later understands this and shrines much better in the teen.

    The ambition starts in the teen age and also teenager tries to push himself/herself towards the goal to achieve. When more attention is given motivation is given to such type of teenager by the parents, they start to love the parents and live much more better than them. In this way parents take care of their child, relieves unknown stresses from the child. Most of the parents want to make their child happy and ambitions than them, so they find all the ways to impress the child in order to secure the child future. The parent works hard to make the child by giving their wishes are best for their children. Many aspects say most of the child are much happier than their parents when both the parent and child are living together.This makes them achieve their ambitions and goal towards the life and understands life.

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