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    Will different signatures in academic mark sheets cause rejection in document verification?

    Worried about major differences in the signature which appears on your various academic mark sheets? Find out from experts if this would result in a rejection during verification of documents for a Government job.

    In my 12th certificate mark sheet, the signature is wrong. It is showing some other signature from that of my 10th and Degree mark sheets. Now I want to go for document verification for a Central government job and the signature will not appear as it is in the original sheet. If they search online, then they will get a different signature in the 12th certificate as compared to the 10th certificate and the degree. Will they do an online verification? I am worried so please guide me on what I should do.
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  • If all other details are tallying they may not worry much for the signature. Generally, over a period of time some changes may come in our hand writing and signature also. There may be minor changes over a period of time. They will verify your signature in the application and may compare with a signature you may do before them.
    If there are any other differences, then there will be a problem. Please compare all the certificates for your name, Date of Birth, father's name and mother's name and if they are all tallying you need not worry.
    If somebody asks about the difference in signature you can explain them how, why and when the change in the signature took place.
    That will not be a hindrance for you to get a job. But now you don't change the signature again and see that the same signature will be maintained for ever.

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  • This does not seem to be a big problem as signatures of an individual from time to time can differ and if same is asked to you, it can be explained.

    One thing which I am not able to comprehend is how the signature in 12th certificate in your copy can be different from the online one. Is it that they were done at different times - what I mean is the copy which was uploaded online was signed at a different time and the one which is with you was signed at a different time. And due to casualness the signatures were different.

    If it is so then it might create a problem and if the verifying authority insist you might have to get an affidavit for confirming that inadvertent change.

    The procedure for affidavit is a simple one and can be done through a lawyer who will make a document where you can take oath and give the details of this mismatch and sign it in presence of magistrate in the court. Once the magistrate countersigns it, the affidavit is ready.

    Please take care in future not to change your signatures at random.

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  • Latest signature from government verification id like adhaar will be considered always for any verification purpose. Marksheets are authorized copy so it does not matter much what you signed there. But there should not be much difference. Let us know also how it goes.

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