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    How to a achieve best academic results and motive the teachers as well

    Need advice on achieving excellent school academic results and also get faculty to remain motivated to teach? Learn strategies to achieve both, through the suggestions given below for drawing up good plans for these goals.

    How to draw up a plan to achieve the best academic results from students in a school and, at the same time, have the best teaching faculty too with a motivational plan for them? Please provide some strategies to execute the plans and thereby achieve the best results.
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  • First and foremost important point is to create best infrastructure in the Institute. Good class rooms with good sitting arrangement. Audio visual aids to make the students to understand the subject in a better way. Computer aided teaching with power point presentations, case studies and good examples.
    Each student should be given personal attention. The weak points of individual students should be identified and special attention is to be paid to make the student to come up in those areas.
    The institute should have tie up with local industries and should be sent to those industries to understand the points required for the industry. The experts from industry should be called to institutes and make them to explain the related points for the industry.
    This will make the students to get equipped with the required information.
    The institute should also have good play ground and digital library. Students should be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and games. This will give good scope for the students to develop.

    As far as the teaching faculty is concerned it is better to attract best available talent in the market and should try to retain them by giving them good salaries and other perks and incentives. The management should see that the work that is being extracted from the teacher and the payment that is being made should bi in proportion.
    By following these points you can maintain a good educational institute.

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  • It is very essential to monitor teachers as well as students. Until efficiency is achieved in the teaching department, learning cannot become effective. Evaluate teaching as well as teachers. It means to evaluate the impact teachers are leaving on their students. It can easily be determined in terms of the performance of the class. If the class is progressing well that means respective teachers are doing well and if the class is underperforming, it means teachers need to change their strategies and work hard to bring the necessary impact. Help the concerned teachers so that in turn they can help the class. Help them financially as well as morally. Teachers should have sufficient supplies of teaching materials so that they can refer not just one but many sources and come up with effective teaching strategies with more and more knowledge.

    Every student is important thus it is essential to focus on each one of them. Those who require extra attention and are slow in grasping should be given extra coaching before or after the regular teaching hours.

    Adopt a practical approach to teach the students. Help them understand what education is all about. Instead of asking them to mug up, help them to understand the concepts. Any topic that is understood will never be washed away from memory.

    Help them understand that every topic that is been taught in the school will be used in the outside world in some way or the other for the betterment of the world. Thus, as and when possible try to take them to the field trips, science fairs, organizations, industries and many such places where they can understand the importance of concepts that they are dealing with in their classrooms.

    The most important is to make a student feel comfortable and not like he is in some war zone. Strictness is not going to help them score well in exams. They will be able to learn better if they feel comfortable during the lesson. Let every student discuss the difficulties they are facing in the subject. Helping them as much as possible to clear out their difficulties will motivate them to do well in exams.

  • Motivation is the key to success and people become motivated by the facilities as well as working of their liking and aptitude.

    In addition to the motivation factor, there should be adequate career opportunities and financial compensation (emoluments) so that they remain clung in the present employment rather than moving to other greener pastures. So the management of an educational and academic institution is based on these crucial factors.

    If the atmosphere of the institution is conducive for the teachers for increasing their knowledge and gives opportunity through refresher courses to cope up and remain updated in the field of their specialisation, the overall standard of the college will go up significantly.

    The management must devise newer and newer ways to keep the teachers engaged and yearn for job enrichment. Once the teachers are updated in their areas or subjects they will come out of their inhibitions of little knowledge and will like to impart the updated knowledge of the students. A knowledgeable person will be more open to his students, than the others in the lot, in this respect.

    Today due to technological advancements some rich students flaunt their gadgets or richness in the campus creating an indiscipline and disorder. In an educational institute these things are to be sternly handled and the students should not be allowed to showcase their well being in the college or school. In this matter the discipline and strictness of our ancient Gurukuls (A serene place where disciples used to go to get knowledge from the teacher) is to be imbibed.

    There should be some reward system for good teachers to motivate them further for exceptional performance. It could be in the form of financial encouragement or some holiday trip or things like that.

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  • Rewards are keys to motivation. This question is motivational in itself. I would suggest first to place the same question in front of the teachers and faculties. But for them the question should be only about what they feel is required to motivate the children. When individual teachers will get the opportunity to showcase their involvement and creativity through opinions, it will immediately start working as a stir in the environment.

    Next, there should be some reward system for the teachers who have done their best. It could be monthly or yearly. Like the Best teacher award in every subject. A small token of gift awarded during the teacher's day celebration can do the magic very easily, without offending others.

    What is really necessary to trim down the negativity and demotivating factors in the classes, is installation of CCTV cameras in the class, in strategic point that will not lose its focus on the teacher, even if they move around the class. This will automatically curb down the corporal punishment some teachers still continue to administer.
    At the same time, it will make the teachers automatically alert and sincere, if these virtues do not come naturally to them.
    This will also help in keeping a safety record in the institution, which is the need of this hour of violence in schools, that we get to hear every other day.

    For the students, the most motivating factor will be something through which they can show their individual skills. a rotation in monitoring the class, given to each and every student, will bring a huge change among them.
    Asking a pair of students to correct each other's answer sheets in the class assignments will really be fun and exciting for them.
    Giving opportunity to each student to contribute ideas for the betterment of the school and taking their suggestions seriously will make them feel honored and accepted.
    Focus should be given more to the weaker students without making them feel conscious about it. Giving them some special tasks or responsibility will evoke their spirit and changes can be seen quite soon.

    Regular events that involves extra curricular activities will make those students motivated who do not feel motivated to study, but have special skills in vocational subjects.
    Opportunity to develop vocational skills will add more scope of involvement in the institution which will keep motivating the students throughout the year.

  • We need to understand the child - psycology and the same is to be implemented in the school - environment. Each child is different from others with respect to conceptual - clarity, behavioural- pattern and an eagerness to learn fast the given assignment.
    Hence the teachers deployed in a school have to take different approaches suiting to the needs of individuals. Here motivation would come into play to train them to tackle the difficult portion of their learnings. This includes some prize - system to be offered to best three students in the areas of different skills such as Good - speaker, 100 percent attendance in an academic - session, prize for the Mathematical - wizard etc.
    A strict- disciplinary regime would not yield result by stress should be given on the strengthening the inherent passion of the child. In the session of the class, the teachers can praise students for their excellent home - works and the ways to perform still better in such assignments. In relation to subject in Chemistry, if some industrial tours are arranged so that they witness the metallurgical production of Alumunium, Copper and Iron with their closeness while such operations are going on.
    Industry - experts may also be invited to deliver lectures in the different topics relevant for the students. In that way, the pupils would learn the lessons with passions helping them to to
    attain the conceptual clarities in the subjects being taught in the schools.

  • Teachers are the backbone of any academic or educational institution. If their knowledge and skills are of high standard then only they can contribute for the betterment of students as well as raise the reputation of the institution in the public eyes.

    Th management should be aware of this crucial fact and should create a conducive environment for the teachers. Apart from physical facilities like good canteen and library/ online library there should be a continuous series of lectures by outside agencies as well the teachers themselves so that people get exposure to new subjects and topics. It is necessary that teachers should be aware of what is happening in the outside world.

    Motivation of the teachers is definitely a basic requirement and for that introduction of various academic activities and contests resulting in awards are to be inducted in the system. We must understand that until our teachers are not happy and satisfied they may not give their best output and contribution.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Running a School / College is not that easy. Teacher always stays worried to complete their syllabus while students remain worried more about exam questions. First thing when management hires faculty they should check academics and experience of lectures in that subject.
    For motivations to students , management should conduct guest lectures weekly or bi-weekly from well known people of university board. Also it should be compulsory to solve previous years papers to acknowledge difficulty and prepare students mentally for it.

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  • To achieve the best academic result you need to study smart and dedicated towards learning. So try to understand the subject and implement the tricks and prepare according the pattern of your exam.

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