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    With the impending closure of Google+, what is the best way to transfer and save that data?

    Worried that if Google+ is closed, then your saved data will no longer be accessible? Quickly get guidance from experts on the best options to save and access your data and articles at any time.

    On 1st February 2019, I received an e-mail from the Google+ team stating that the Google+ will be closed w.e.f. 2nd April 2019. In this connection, I would like to state that earlier I used to save my articles and some short posts on Pinterest. Later, I found that Pinterest was not opening either on my personal laptop or on my office computer. So, I started saving my articles and various posts written on various websites (including ISC) in Google+.

    But now Google+ team has informed that they will be closing Google+. Now, I would like to where can I store my articles for my own future reference.
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  • I feel it is better to have an external hard disk and store all the data in that. We can also store it on our personal laptop. I keep the information what I want to have for reference on my laptop as well as on an external hard disc. I create various folders and keep the data in those folders. I will also store on flash drives also. The information will be safe with us and we will have fall back arrangement. The information will be confidential also. I feel it is the best way.

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  • In the mail which Google has sent, there is a link given to download and save your data. In case you could not get that details or have missed the mail, here is the link to it This link has step by step instructions on how you can download, archive and save it.

    The other option for you is to download and save articles on Google Drive which you can reference anytime.


  • Now a days we are handling an enormous data in the net as well as in our mobiles and laptops. That is the reason why companies are introducing higher and higher memory versions of the gadgets. Still it is not possible to store it at a place.

    Though storing our data in a hard drive is a long time solution but it has its own hassles of connecting, moving and retrieving. Now a days the internet data packages are becoming cheaper and cheaper day by day. It makes sense to keep everything in the cloud storage and retrieve it whenever it is required.

    Many companies are offering free or premium storages in the internet and that is the place we have to store data for convenience of using at any time on the go.

    In earlier times we had to delete data from our email to make space for the recent one. Now the email providers are offering such a huge storage that we need not to delete anything in our email and just search and retrieve it any time. It has become so convenient.

    Google drive is one such place and there are many others in the fray.

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  • As all Google apps are available on Gmail, you can easily share all your documents of Google+ with Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail or Messaging App.
    for text documents, it is best to share them both in email and Google Drive, if there are Photos and Videos, google Photos will be ideal to store them.
    I suggest you to disburse the documents from Google+ to different apps, in case your Google + content is too heavy to be added to one single app.
    Disbursing photos especially will keep your Drive and other laces lighter, so that you won't have to worry about using them for fresh content that is going to be created every day.

    Apart from storing them on Cloud Storage, you can also store them in an external hard disk to keep them accessible offline. But that should not be the only option to store your stuff. On the contrary, saving them on Cloud Storage can be safely chosen as the sole option to store your data to keep them easily accessible as well as secured from hackers.

    another Option is Google Keep which can be accessed offline and you can make a copy of your documents and save the most important ones there.

  • Google plus has started issuing the statement regarding how to backup the data uploaded and posted on the site. Images will be stored in the Google photos and the text based data will be stored in the file that can be downloaded. You can check out the link that shows how to take backup of the data step by step.

    Currently no other social network allowing the Google plus data to be imported. However if you are addicted to Google plus design and want to join similar social network to upload the data. Then maybe you can check out Diaspora.

    They seem to be allowing the Google plus users similar interface and community. But apart from that some of the data can't be imported there. And you can only download that data on your own desktop and cloud services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

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