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    How Jan Seva Kendra can help us to make corrections in 12th class documents of UP/Allahabad Board ?

    Want to make some corrections in 12th class documents? Wondering if one can use the service provided by Jan Seva Kendra to make this correction? Check out this Ask Expert page where you can get to know the exact procedure to resolve this query.

    I heard about online service at Jan Seva Kendra to make corrections in UP Board 12th class documents.
    I need help regarding document correction at Jan Seva Kendra, because it is too time consuming process to go the Board office and apply for making corrections in documents there.
    If any online service is available through Jan Seva Kendra, then describe how to go for it?
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  • Online service for various matters is available through Jan Seva Kendra located in different places and different states have their own sites in this matter.

    This is basically to help people to get forms for different services related to caste certificate, land certificate, domicile certificate, handicap certificate, pension for widows, birth certificate, death certificate, ration card, tax and subsidy related certificate etc etc.

    This is not meant for correction in an already issued educational certificate to the individuals. So I am afraid you can not use it for the purpose you have indicated.

    If you feel that applying to the education board office is a cumbersome procedure then depending on the type of error in your certificate (like a spelling mistake in name or incorrect surname etc) you can go for a legal affidavit for which you will have to contact a lawyer who will help you in preparing an affidavit giving your personal details and the details of the error in the educational document. This affidavit has to be signed by you in presence of a first class magistrate who will countersign it under his seal and that will become an authentic document and you can present it along with the educational document wherever the latter is to be verified.

    Please note that all the copies of your credentials like Aadhar card, identity proof like PAN card or electricity bill or driving license, birth certificate, other educational degrees etc are to be annexed with the affidavit so that the verifying authority can see that the mistake was there as compared to the other correct documents. This is a very important step and remind your lawyer about this as standalone affidavit may not be a convincing proof of the error.

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  • Jan Seva Kendra, is an initiative from govt. of India to assist the citizens of India regarding the official process of documentation in relation to their National Identity and other national schemes.
    There you get forms for services that are related to your national identity and citizenship benefits. It will definitely include services to procure or make changes to the different certificates like domicile, land, caste, handicap, birth and death certificate, pension for widows etc.
    They will also help in procuring ration card, aadhar card, forms for tax and subsidies etc.

    But unfortunately this will not include things that falls under the category or department of Education. For any service related to education and its certificate, you have to contact the concerned authority, for example, the board of Education under which the certificate has been issued, the school or college through which you appeared for the concerned examination etc.

    To go through the proper channel and have the desired effect, the best procedure will be approaching the Education Department through the associated institution, as they will know the correct procedure.

    As this change will be directly related to your identity, you must have heard this rumor about Jan Seva Kendra. but that is not a valid information. For any change of fact on the educational certificates, you have to contact the UP Board of Education. To make things easier, you can shoot an email at or call on 9568259845, seeking help for your issue.
    Make sure you furnish them will all the necessary documents that will be required to establish your identity in support of the changes you want to make in the certificate.

  • Jan Seva Kendra is a help centre started by Central government in many places of our country. This centre will be helpful in many ways to people. It can be used for applying for various identity cards and other certificates like birth certificate, death certificate, Jeevan Pranam certificate to the pension people and other various certificates.

    But in these places, there is no chance to get your educational certificated get corrected. Department of Education is not involved in this project. That is why as far as I know you can't get your certificates issued by the university or any other institute can't be corrected here.

    There are two methods to get your certificates corrected. First one is to apply to the board or University through the institute you have studied. But you don't want this as it will take more time.

    The other method is making an affidavit. This can be done fast and quick. You have to go and meet a good advocate in your area and whom you know well. You can tell him about the correction required and show him the certificates. He will explain you the procedure to be followed for making the affidavit. He will get the affidavit made and get the signature of the magistrate as required and do the needful against a cost. By following this method your problem will get solved.

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  • Jana Seva Kendra has been initiated to help the people in procuring Birth - certificate, Death - certificate, Domicile- certificates etc. This programme is being run by the Central - government to help the uneducated mass including the senior - citizens to resolve their difficulties. They may get due help in getting an Aadhar - card, Ration - card and apart from these, they may get assistance in filling the Income - tax forms.
    Though these centres are operating fewer in number and such centres should be multiplied to take care of the halpless citizens.
    Their nature of job is not make correction in the educational certificates if any mistake has crept in these certificates. Under such circumstances, one has to approach a lawyer for the purpose of affidavit. The lawyer would make a draft and this will be countersigned by the First - class Magistrate along with the signature of the applicants.
    Hence there exists the difference between the functioning of Jana Seva Kendra and the First - class Magistrate issuing affidavit - certificates.

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