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    PhD admission in Private University

    Facing difficulty in taking a decision regarding opting for PhD? Searching for guidance regarding whether it it is worth taking admission in a private university? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers to your queries.

    Is it good to do PhD from Techno University Kolkata?
    I have keen interest in doing PhD. But I am unable to take correct decision regarding this course. I am not able to make myself clear that whether it will be right to take admission in Techno University or any other other Private University or not.
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  • If you go to the site of this university they claim all the certifications required to conduct and issue the educational degrees. The details are as follows -

    The Techno India University, West Bengal has been established vide West Bengal Govt Act of 2012 (No 1203-L, dated 16th Aug, 2012). As per that Techno India University is a full fledged university and not a deemed university.

    Techno India University, West Bengal is recognised by UGC as competent to award degrees under section 22 of the UGC Act. The site of the university has displayed the UGC Letter No 8-31/2012(CPP-I/PU) dated 29.11.2012 in this respect.

    The University is also AICTE Approved vide AICTE letter No. F. No. Eastern/2017/1-339270/30-4.

    So you can think of joining it for the research program as well. They have also a collaboration with Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU), California, USA for exchange of students and holding of some classes there.

    They also have integrated M. Tech. and PhD program for a minimum duration of 3 years. You can visit their site and after registering get the feedback for fees and other details.

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  • 1. The first issue is whether the university is approved by UGC, or not. As far as I know, Techno University, Kolkata has been approved by UGC.
    2. Whether the University follows the norms for research to award PhD degrees. In fact, you have to check the matter with the particular School of the university and also with the guide.
    3. Now, I must state that a Ph.D. is not an essential qualification for any job, not even for the lectureship in colleges. So, my personal opinion is that you should clear the NET or GATE before registering yourself for Ph.D. Clearing NET and/or GATE (if your subject is covered) would help you more at this stage to get suitable employment. Ph.D. should not be linked with employment purpose.

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  • The Techno University, Kolkata is UGC approved one and you can register there for your PhD.

    If you have inclination for research then it is all right otherwise now a days people join some teaching or lecturer job depending on their qualifications and capabilities and then enroll for PhD along with continuing the job. Why I am suggesting this is that the job condition is deteriorating day by day and it is better to take up a job rather then spending so many valuable years in PhD.

    The another benefit of joining a job is that you will gain experience quickly and with that you will have ample chances for shifting to better avenues.

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  • Techno university Kolkata has got the affiliation of UGC and hence it has the power to reward degrees in the different streams. Even the approval of AICTE status signifies that one can sustain in the Research- activities by taking up the Ph.Din the same university.
    However, you should weigh pros and cons before initiating a Ph.D programme since this may take roughly three years in the final clearance of the research - paper.
    Keeping in view of bleak job - scenario, you should make an attempt to clear NET so that on qualifying the same, you will be entitled to join a government college as a lecturer subject to your satisfactory performance in the oral interviews and later Ph.D can be secured after your engagement as a lecturer.

  • To start with, I will say, a Doctoral Degree has become an essential qualification in the sector of academics and white-collar job, as the competition is rising higher every day. A Ph.D will help you get counted among the topmost layer of the professionals, which would further help you get the job you want.
    It will be the best decision to pursue your Ph.D from the Techno University, West Bengal for two reasons. One is, achieving all the benefits that the degree itself will provide you.
    Next is, by pursuing Ph.D from a Techno University, you will also gain the required technical knowledge on the field of study you are interested in.
    The demand of applicants who will have this combination of qualifications will always be higher in comparison to others who do not hold a Ph.D from a recognized University.
    The Techno India University, in West Bengal is established under the West Bengal Govt Act of 2012. The Reference No is 1203-L, which is dated on 16th Aug, 2012. According to this Act, the Techno India University has already become a duly recognized university and is no more registered as a deemed university.

    Techno India University, West Bengal is a UGC recognized institution and has acquired the rights to award its students Post-Graduate and Doctoral degrees under the section 22 of the UGC Act. The Techno University of West Bengal is also approved by the AICTE in its AICTE letter No. F. No. Eastern/2017/1-339270/30-4.

    The PhD program here is spread over the minimum duration of 3 years. But you might have to appear for an entrance test for the selection procedure for the Ph.D program. To know more about the course and its eligibility criteria, visit the official website of the Techno University of West Bengal

    This University is well-known for its in-campus recruitment policies. So, I would suggest to go ahead with this decision and secure a good academic record from this university.

    Coming to your decision about other Private Universities, make sure to get all the relevant information about those universities, like UGC recognition, AICTE Approval, etc., before going ahead with the admissions. Otherwise your Ph.d might not hold the value it should, and you might not be able to maximize the result of your hard work.

  • Techno India University, West Bengal is recognized by UGC and has the permission to award its students Post-Graduate and Doctoral degrees under section 22 of the UGC Act. The Techno University of West Bengal is also approved by the AICTE in its AICTE letter No. F. No. Eastern/2017/1-339270/30-4.
    PhD degree awarded by any private university which is having UGC recognition will be equally treated as a PhD degree given by any other University. So you need not worry about that point.
    If you have a keen interest you can take admission in any university for your PhD. If you appear for NET Examination and if you are qualified you will get fellowship also. Generally, it may take a minimum of 3 years for you to complete your Ph D. It may get extended to 4 years also based on your subject and your research director. Definitely, PhD will help you to have the best career in your stream and you can become a professor in a university also. I recommend you to go for Ph D onlly if you are getting a fellowship.

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  • Please do the PhD only from well known Private Universities like Manipal University/BITS Pilani etc.Doing PhD from average universities will not help you in your career growth.

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