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    Supreme court judgement of BTech distance education

    Confused about the validity of BTech distance education as per supreme judgement? Searching for information about its validity online? Go through this page and check out responses from our ISC experts and resolve your query.

    I have completed DME in regular mode . After I joined BTech in lateral admission in distance mode in JNRVU in 2002 and completed by 2007.
    I am confused whether as per supreme court judgement if our degree is suspended or no? What about our position?
    Is my degree valid?
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  • Your degree is valid only if your university is having UGC and AICTE recognition. Initially, the Supreme court suspended the degrees issued for technical courses from 2005 to the students who studied through a correspondence course. But it has recalled its decision and they said that the degrees given them are valid.

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  • The degrees earned by the distance education such as IGNOU, UTKAL, KOTA OPEN UNIVERSITY etc are valid since the courses included for cirriculam are UGC recognised and the technical courses are AICTE approved.
    These degrees are well recognised for the purpose of employment where the degree is relevant for the employment- purpose and also with such a degree higher education can be taken up.
    The earlier decision of the Supreme Court has been modified and now they approved the degrees earned by the distance education.

  • Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University (JRNRVU) is approved by UGC and AICTC both.

    The Supreme Court in its Judgement dated 03.11.2017, suspended all the Distance Education degrees obtained by the students enrolled between 2001-2005 and also stipulated the same verdict for the students enrolled thereafter.

    After this, the candidates and students went to court against this judgement and then after considering all the facts and UGC and AICTE view on this, court cancelled the earlier verdict and withdrawn the earlier suspension.

    So there is no problem at present in this matter.

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  • Pls send letest report given by supreme court on suspended degrees 2002 to 2005.pls.

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