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    How to Promote Shop on WhatsApp?

    Planning to expand your business through whats app and Facebook? Wondering how to proceed and set up an account and get new customers who can buy items online? On this Ask Expert page you can read the responses and suggestions and decide further course of action.

    My cousin has his own shop of clothing. And he is currently struggling with the lack of customers. So we decided to setup facebook page and whatsapp number for taking online orders. Facebook page is not much effective to get the customers for the shop.

    Is there any way we can create WhatsApp Business account for the shop and promote it? How it works to get new customers? How to get people to buy the items online using whatsapp?
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  • You can take a phone on your company name and download WhatsApp on that phone. From that phone, you can start sending messages to all your contacts and to all the phone numbers you know. You can also get the phone directory from the service provider and send messages to all of them.

    You can also give online advertisements on various websites and in that advertisement, you can mention your WhatsApp phone number asking the interested persons to send a message for which you can respond.

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  • For publicity of any business there are advertisement slots in the sites but that is mainly for the big or medium companies. It is a difficult proposition to carry on it for a small shop.

    In WhatsApp one can send messages from a fixed phone number to other numbers in the area by choosing a shop icon or name in the profile but many people ignore such unsolicited numbers. What I will suggest is, you declare some special discount campaigns and offers and whoever is coming to your shop ask his phone number and make a new group in WhatsApp. Slowly you will have a base of customers and when you invite them to participate in some special sale they will come and the message will spread to other people and you also include them in the group.

    In this way the people will see your messages as they know that the group belongs to you. This is one way to advertise and keep your customers in your network.

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  • What's App is the media receiving all sorts of informations including the advertisements of a business of the promotional growth of diversified products. May be initially your ur massage will be ignored by the clients. You need to offer the customers some discounts to make your product saleable. You may make some announcement such as one item is free provided three are purchased at a time. Initially the response may be unattractive but later you may note the number of customers interested in your product.
    Once the customers drop in your shop, you may ask the customers regarding their mobile no so as to include the same in your What's App for the further intimation relating to your products.

  • I would suggest you create a WhatsApp group and add your contacts whoever wish to join in it. Do not force anyone to join this group. Use the group for marketing as well as sales. You don't have to keep the group only for posting clothes picture from your shop. Start posting any tips around clothing and then slowly bring in the marketing of clothes. Try to post it in video format as well.

    With Facebook, you can create a page and invite your contacts and ask to like your page. Post useful tips here also before you actually start marketing. What message I want to convey is do not focus only on marketing. Do it in a different to attract customers. But keep in mind that you do not any copyrighted or inappropriate or illegal posts. This will damage the reputation of your shop.


  • WhatsApp has launched their Business App that can be dowwnloaded and used through an Android Mobile device. It is an app that is built keeping the small business enterpreneurs in mind. With this app, people who own small businesses can start building up a good customer base through the following ways:

    Promote Your Business
    They can make themselves visible to a vast number of people by creating a business profile that should carry all the useful information that will help your customers to place an order, like your business description, mailing and email address, and a link to your business website.

    Organize Your Activities Through Labels
    To follow a streamlined business operation, you can well-organize your contacts and conversations with the help of the labels, to make them easily found and accessed.

    Useful Business Statistics
    With the important metrics of your business like messages, orders, customers list and their contact information, interacting with your customers will be easier.

  • Hi,

    There are various way to promote on WhatsApp
    First is to get whatsapp business app, and create a catalogue, since it has some limited functionality yyou can also try which is best whatsapp shop builder

    Then you can provide that catalogue link to friends for ordering online , or use that link to promote via social media ads like boosting link via Instagram stories ad etc

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