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    Current and Permanent address vs police verification

    Have a query about police verification for a government job? Wondering what to do if there is a mistake in specifying current and permanent addresses? no worries, scroll through this page and get answers to all your worries from our ISC experts and resolve this issue in police verification.

    I have applied for Assam state electricity board in which I have forgotten to deselect current & permanent address is same. Now I am selected for the job. My credentials are now on the way for police verification.
    Does it cause problem? Both my addresses are in same city and district. Current address is my uncle's shop address while my home is about 10km away from it. To avoid any delay on receiving any packages I use uncle's address. Please help.
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  • Generally police will come for verification at your current address where you are residing and normally the police station under which it is falling will take care of that.

    They will physically see that you are staying there for such and such time and may ask about your credentials from the neighbours or other people in the area. You will not come to know about it. If they are not satisfied they may ask the other police station under which your permanent address falls for the verification from that address.

    If you have a doubt you can visit the police station under which your current address is falling and tell them that you are staying here only. I think that will resolve the confusion you are undergoing.

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  • The purpose of police verification is to ensure that there is no police case or any adverse entry in their records against you so that the employer can hire you without any hitch.

    Generally the police station where you are residing will have these historical informations about you and they are only able to supply this information to the employer. Now in your case you have mentioned one address in the application form so it is natural that the papers for the reification will be dealt by that particular police station under which that area is controlled.

    It will be better if you visit that police station and tell them about this so that they know where you were dwelling in the recent times and accordingly give a clearance to you. If they find that you were staying at some other place and mentioned some other address in the application form then they will have difficulty in getting your records as your adverse records, if any, will be at some other police station under whose control area you were residing.

    So there is nothing to worry and only thing is approach them and tell them about this before they search and found you for mismatch of your address and actual dwelling locality. Police are by nature of their job suspicious so do not feel baffled if they ask you some offending questions.

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  • You need not to worry. The police will come first to your present address and enquire about you. He may contact your uncle and another 1 or 2 people in that area. The police who comes there can be directed properly to the people whom you know well in that area. Generally, they will go to your neighbours only.
    When the police ask you, you can tell that your permanent address and if necessary he may ask the concerned police station also to enquire in that area also.
    The very purpose of the police verification is to know a little information about you and also to know about any cases in court pending against you. As long as such cases are not there you need not to worry.

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  • The police would like to verify your charecter. They may ask your neighbours regarding your credentials and you may not be aware of such informations.
    Once they receive intimation of Police - verification from your employer, they would rush to the area where you are dwelling for the collection of information and the source of information collected by them if found adverse will go against you since they may pass on the adverse comment to your employer.
    In your case, you have to explain the Police that you are residing in the current address and this place would form the basis of procuring your credentials. They may even go into details if any case is pending with the court. If no adverse report is found, they will clear your case and the same would be intimated to your employer so that you are confirmed in your service.

  • There is no need to worry. Police will reach to your uncle's shop first. There only they will verify your character. They will go to the neighbours and will ask about you from them. The purpose is just to have information about you whether you have a criminal record in the past or not.


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