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    Need Advise for getting my certificates from madras university

    Want to know how to get a pending certificate from university if you have an arrear and have not paid final year fees? Looking out for help and guidance to resolve this issue? Scroll through this page for responses from experts and resolve your query.

    I have started my M.Sc IT (correspondence) batch - 2012 - 2013 . Due to some issues I failed to pay my final year fees, so I did not receive my certificates and project results and also i have 1 arrear.
    Do I have any chance to pay my pending fees and write my pending exam and get my PG Certificates. Please assist me.
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  • Earlier there was no time limit for arrear exam completion and students were doing it after paying the requisite fee. Now Madras University is not allowing it after a gap and students are directed to clear the arrears within 2 years of the supposed end of the course.

    Earlier many old students were pursuing the University for this and there were many court cases also in the matter. Now the court also have given verdict that University can not accept it as a regular way and only in some specific cases can allow the student to clear it after a gap on humanitarian grounds.

    If you have such an condition you can approach the University to allow you on humanitarian grounds.

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  • Madras University is not permitting the students to write the examinations again to clear the arrears after two years of the study. That means the person who completed his course in 2013 should complete his arrears by 2015. But you have not completed like that.
    Earlier some students applied to the court for advising the university to allow them to write the examinations after two years also.
    the Madras High Court In this connection mentioned that the university should not allow students to write arrears as they like but should give as a concession by the university on humanitarian grounds. If the student is not able to clear the arrears, the university should not issue notifications granting a general concession, as it may create unrest among the students. They can give specific concessions on the humanitarian ground if the student approaches the university with genuine reasons.
    As such you have to apply to university specifying the reasons for your non-completion of the course and ask them for a concession.

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  • As per rule of the university of Madras, you are supposed to clear the arrears so that you can take up the in the next time. Your result has been withheld because of non payment of the fees.
    Earlier, the students approached the Madras High Court to allow them to appear for the examination without paying the arrears but the verdict did not go in favour of students. In some isolated cases, the students may be permitted on humanitarian ground if they provide some genuine proof showing their inability to submit the arrear in time.

  • Normally the possibility in such cases are either non receipt of your claim letter or misplaced the same by the concerned official in the university office. It is not possible to track such things over mere correspondence. My strong advice in such cases is better to go the concerned office in person with documents available with you without minding time and money. You will definitely get solved your problem immediately. I did similarly for obtaining my M.Com degree certificate and got withing a small gap of period.

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