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    Can Voter ID Card of a married girl be transferred to the State she is currently residing?

    Have a query about using voter card in another state after marriage? Looking out for answers to verify this? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses and decide how you can vote even though you do not have a voter card of that particular state.

    A friend of mine was issued her Voter ID card under the Government of West Bengal as that was her birthplace. But after marriage she shifted to Hyderabad. She applied for new Voter ID card, but didn't receive it till now.
    Her question is, to cast her vote, is she eligible to vote in Hyderabad, for the state of Telangana?
    If yes, what she needs to do to get her voter ID card registered under Telangana? Please share your knowledge on this.
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  • Whenever a person moves from one place to other especially from one constituency to other then he can not use his earlier place voter card for the voting.

    One of the important thing to be noted in this matter is that one can vote only when ones name is in the electoral roll of that particular constituency.

    So, one has to apply for change of address online or manual mode and he will be issued a new voter card also known as EPIC.

    Sometimes even after applying one may not receive the new voter card but by that time his name might be already included in the electoral roll of the new constituency where he is now residing. So he can take his Aadhar card or PAN card or any other ID at the time of the voting and after verification at the polling booth he can caste the vote there. One can check his name in the electoral roll online also and note down the serial number etc so that it can be searched at the polling booth conveniently.

    So check whether the name is reflecting in the electoral roll or not.

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  • Once you leave the place where you were residing and that, too, included in the address column of your voter ID card, you cannot avail of the oppurtunity of casting in the new place already shifted as a result of marriage.
    Since, your friend has already has already taken up initiatives to get the address changed and so it will be rectified though the process would take some time.
    In the meanwhile. You may check up the voter - list of the constituency where you are residing either through the on line mode or in the electoral office present in your locality. If your name is appearing in the list, you may cast vote by showing the officials your PAN card or Aadhar - card as a proof of being a correct person eligible to cast vote.

  • No, you are not eligible to vote in Hyderabad but in West Bengal itself. Once your address is changed you will be allowed to. It happens with the girl after marriage. My wife is from UP and after marriage, i had to get her address changed. One proof they took from me was the marriage card and when they delivered the new voter card they themselves destroyed the old card.

    So you will have to wait till your new card isn't made. If also it is in the process then to you are not allowed to cast your vote in Hyderabad.


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  • Already the action required to be taken is taken by your friend. It may take some time for them to issue a new card. You will get it by post to the address you have mentioned. So wait for that.
    You can check online whether her name has already been incorporated in the list. If it is there you can go to the booth allotted to that number during elections and can cast your vote. But you have to carry any one of the acceptable ID card like PAN Card or Adhaar card or so.
    Please remember that you have to get the name corrected in other identity cards also.

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  • 1. Voter Identity Card can't be transferred.

    2. Your friend will have to fill up Form 6 online going to Election Commission of India website requesting change of address.

    3. She has to give reference to his already existing Voter Identity Card and documentary evidence of her current address.

    4. Nowadays, it is being done really fast. I have got my daughter's new voter identity card made within 21 days.

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  • Voters Id card can be changed but its a huge process. Actually she should apply online application for change of state and address with some residential proof stating that she is staying in that address for following 5 years and her reason for shifting the place. I did this with my voter card when I was married for change of my surname and residential address. Now if you friend is having aadhar card or PAN card for the present address where she is willing to place a voter card. She can have PAN card or Aadhar card as proof for address.
    But it will take time for changing. Its better to enroll at time of election when they come for survey of voter card. Because now they are not bothered and it will have lengthy process. During election only if you submit the proof and fill the application for they will do it within few days. This is what I had done when my surname had to changed after my marriage. Because repeatedly applying online and going to office my work was not done. But during election time it was done at fast track. Its better wait for election time in few months then you can apply. Meanwhile have all your document proof ready for submission with the application.

  • Yes, you have to meet with BLO of your both previous and current address BLO. They advice you to , fill a form for removing the name from previous address. And you have to submit the receipt of that application to the current address BLO. Then he/she give you form for adding name in new voter ID and help you to make it.

  • Voting will be not allowed without voter ID card at any place. Often These kind of problems happen to women after marriage.If the woman's name is already listed in the voter list but she no longer lives in that assembly constituency, then she has to fill Form 6 to change her address.Form 8A allows you to change the address in the same constituency. Marriage certificate or wedding invitation letter to the lady as proof of address .
    This form has to be sent to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency where you want to get your name included in the voter list.

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