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    Is CBSE better than SSC for IIT type competitive exams?

    Interested in scoring well in competitive exams of XII standard? Confused between choosing SSC or CBSE Board to score well in XII? No worries, resolve your confusion here by checking out advice from our ISC experts.

    I am confused between the syllabus of CBSE and SSC. If we continue SSC are we able to do IIT and other competitive exams in future?
    My son is in SSC syllabus in a good school. I wanted to shift him to a good school following CBSE, but when enquired mostly good schools are following CBSE and they are charging more fee.
    I cannot afford that much fee.
    Kindly suggest if I continue in SSC syllabus only then will my child be able to perform well in his higher studies. Waiting for your reply.
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  • I think it is a belief in the people that CBSE course is better than SSC. But these days parents who want their wards to go for Engineering or Medicine, are showing interest in SSC with a combination of IIT coaching in good corporate junior colleges like Narayana, Vikas, Vigyan and so on and so forth.
    But coming to competitive examinations I feel the courses will offer the same standard but the attitude and IQ level of the child plays an important role. Even with State Syllabus, many people are getting a seat in IITs. My brother's son and daughter both studied Intermediate after SSC in State Syllabus and both of them got selected for a seat in IIT. I know many people who passed SSC and Intermediate in State syllabus and obtained IIT seat.
    So you need not to worry about changing your son to CBSE. But you concentrate on his studies and make him understand the subject well. If any doubts are there he can contact the concerned lecturer and get the doubts clarified. Let him attempt answering various model papers and old papers which can be obtained online and you may find some papers on ISC also. That will give him more understanding about the subject to the boy and chances of getting a seat will definitely improve.
    For success in any stream hard work and dedication is more important. You please see that your son will concentrate on the studies and your guide him properly so that he will progress in life definitely.

    always confident

  • CBSE is organised under the central Govt administration while SSC schools are under the purview of respective state Govt. NCERT designs the syllabus and curriculum for CBSE schools while the state educational boards are responsible for SSC courses.

    CBSE syllabus is more inclined towards Science and Mathematics. These students have studied the subjects in a manner befitting for competitive exam preparation. They teach languages basically for communication purposes. It claims to achieve overall development of the students. That is the reason that many parents go for CBSE schools for their children.

    On the other hand though SSC syllabus is rich in Science as well Humanities but is not structured as in CBSE. They teach languages in details.

    One of the main differences between the two is the CBSE syllabus is concentric one and a particular topic is started or incepted even from the class VI itself and then in every class something is added on top of it. This is a very peculiar but useful system for the students as it practically revises their basic concepts. The SSC syllabus does not follow this pattern but teaches the things in discreet packets.

    These are the broad differences between the two but one thing which I will like to mention is if the student is laborious, focused and hard working he can by solving the question banks of both the syllabus and referring other guide books can compensate for any pros and cons and immaterial of the system can qualify in any competitive exam. What is required is thinking beyond the syllabus.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The syllabus of the Board, too, are designed to provide all the essential inputs to strengthen their basics so as to qualify the engineering tests including IIT. Howeve, in order to eliminate his apprehension, you may a set of books of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of both class eleven and twelve and he should read all these books thoroughly so that there is no room of confusion in understanding the basics of the chapters. Clarity in each chapter is required in order to crack the problems of IIT. If you go through the question - papers of IIT of several years, there is no repeatation of the questions. It signifies that the aspirant must have the total clarity of the subject.
    Apart from this, he must approach an efficient teacher to resolve the confusion if it arises.
    He may take the enrolment of any of the prominent institutions such as FIITJEE, Akash, Narayana etc. This will help in to strengthen his concept.
    Lastly, he may refer to the questions of IIT of each subjects from r at least ten years and he should try to solve them independently so as to restore confidence.

  • Each of these boards have their own aim of framing their syllabus. While the SSC is more based on the overall development of the student, CBSE is based more on preparing the students for the competitive exams.
    Overall, for the job sector, CBSE is held at a higher standard as it takes a more universal approach than the SSC as which has a more regional touch.
    The bother benefit of admitting your child in CBSE is that, the syllabus will be uniformly followed in every state, so in case of a change in the school or the state, the study will not get affected, whereas for SSC, there will be a huge difference in the syllabus from one state to another.
    But as you said, that the CBSE schools charge more fees, there is no need to shift your kid to a CBSE school, as long as he is able to prepare for IIT exams by himself, or through some institution, that anyway you would have admitted him into.
    As SSC syllabus is better for the overall development of the child, it will create a solid foundation of knowledge in your kid. All you have to do is take more charge of expanding his knowledge at home, creating a better scope for him to learn more and mostly out of the box.

  • Thank you all for your valuable suggestions

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