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    RRB JE mistake in date of passing

    Have a query about any mistake in RRB JE application? Searching for how to correct the mistake? You can check out the responses from our ISC experts here and carry the exact process and make the correction.

    Is there anyway of editing the date of passing of my graduate degree after the applying/modification date is over? Since I have seen it after the last modification date . Is there anyway to cope with the situation. I have mistakenly provided the date of birth instead of passing year.
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  • Now you can not edit the RRB JE application form but one thing which you can do is inform the concerned RRB office regarding this.

    You must have selected a RRB office in your application form like Chandigarh or Allahabad or many more.

    You have to prepare an application form detailing this mistake done in the application form and request them to correct it at their end. Please attach all the relevant documents which support your request.

    You can find the different addresses of these offices in the net easily.

    Keep a copy of this with you so that you can link it later to their response.

    Send it by registered acknowledgment and keep the receipt safely.

    If the place under whose jurisdiction you are applying is near to your place you can even go there and personally pursue this.

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  • 1. The last date for making any modifications required is over. So there is no chance for you to correct the date you have entered wrongly online.
    2. One should be very careful and concentrate on the work we are doing when we are doing important work like applying for a job.
    3. Anyhow the only option left with you is to inform the concerned in writing about the mistake done and actual piece of information to be given to him.
    4. First of all from the website you get the address and contact information of the officer in the area where you have applied for.
    5. Make a letter explaining him the mistake done during filling and regretting the mistake.
    6. Also, mention the correct information in the same letter.
    7. Please dispatch the letter by registered post with acknowledgement due.
    8. Don't forget to keep a copy of your application with you.
    9. Keep the acknowledgement received and registered post receipt with you.
    10. When you go for certificate verification please remember to carry these papers also with you.

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  • Since you failed to make any correction in time and hence your case may not be entertained favourably. However, you may write to the concerned Board explaining the reason for your failure in making correction in due time and inform that you have mistakingly incorporated your date of birth in lieu of passing the degree examination.
    A fresh application including the correction of passing the degree examination should be sent via a registered - post with an acknowledgment- tag mentioning your name and address. This should be retained as your proof.

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