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    How does pupils' gender affect their attitudes towards different school subjects?

    Are you studying impact of pupil's gender on attitude in school subjects? Looking out for help to prepare a questionnaire to understand this behaviour? Find responses from our experts on this page and plan estimation to add to the questionnaire.

    I am doing a research project for school, and I want to know how pupils' gender is related to their attitudes towards some school subjects. I would like to know an expert's opinion about this to have some estimation to add to the questionnaire I've made.
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  • It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This might be a saying only but yes there are differences in the ways these two genders perceive various things.

    Generally speaking, women will be more inclined to absorption of fine arts and humanities and subjects like Psychology or Sociology or Home Science.

    At the same time, the boys will have more affinity to the technical side and will show interest for Mathematics, Engineering and Science streams.

    These are general categorization but the modernization and the paradigm shifts in the ways women are taking up the erstwhile difficult disciplines, the things are changing.

    Women today are going in the space and piloting the aircraft.

    You can bring this in a proportionate manner in your project as the percentage of women entering in masculine tasks is still very small and can not be generalised.

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    The above link is for a research paper on A study of students attitudes towards school subjects. In this paper, they have done a very good study about the attitudes of different genders towards different subjects. A beautiful study. In this study, they found that there are no major differences in the liking and dislikings of boys and girls. They found some difference in the attitude regarding the study of History, geography and civics.
    I suggest you study that paper and then decide on the questions you want to frame.
    I suggest you go through the link,, which gives some inputs about the study you want to conduct.

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  • I have seen boys are more interested in maths and physics whereas girls are more inclined to chemistry and biology as far science stream is considered. When we were in school, not even a single girl wanted to be an engineer they all did preparation of PMT and wanted to be a doctor.


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  • Of late researchers have got some repeated evidences that people from both genders use their brains in different ways. While men use a specific area of the brain's left while women use both the sides of their brain.

    On certain psychological tests, results say that the female brain is more into the measurement of verbal speed, while the male brain will like to perform tasks like imagining how an object might appear, if it was rotated. Autopsy studies add to the discovery that male brains mostly are asymmetrical than that of female brains.

    So the boys in schools will be generally more inclined to subjects like science, technology, computers, while girls will be more interested in language subjects, social science, psychology itself etc.

  • Inclinations of the genders vary and the same has been proved through the different Researches in order to ascertain the affinities of both the genders.
    Humanities, Psycology, Drawing , Home - science and Cooking are the favourite passion. The boys remain interested to know the complexities associated with Science and Technologies. Hence,we can see the boys solving more tedious problems in Mathematics or they have tremendous interest in the area of Research in the Nuclear - science, Nanotechnology, Surgery and Medicines etc.
    However, such assumptions are not valid always, we have seen girls taking enough interest in the tough subjects, such as Space - technology, Air craft - engineering and they remain comfortable with the most of the tough subjects.
    Hence there are a few points needed to be taken into account while determining the attitudes and inclination of a given gender. Environment of both families and schools, job professions of parents may fascinate a gender to opt for a subject.
    The boys use the specific area of the brains where as the girls apply both sides of the brains and hence the performance of the girls would be somewhat superior if given a conducive environment.

  • There is no connection of gender being related to their attitudes towards school subjects. It can be easily proved by scoring top in all subjects by girl and boy. But girls and boys are biased towards some activities like boys mostly you will see in outdoor games and girls will remain mixed activities. Still our society push girls to do more domestic chores that causes one reason that girls don't see outdoor much. Also there is physical limitation as well. This can be very well seen in daily life where men and women works.

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