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    Can PhD be pursued in India without registering under a Guide?

    Got frustrated with not getting fruitful guidance for your Ph.D.? Find out from experts if you can pursue Ph.D. without the necessity to have a guide or whether there are online options to complete the Ph.D.

    One of my friends has registered herself as a Ph.D. student in 2004 under the University of Calcutta and under an authorized Guide who was then an acting Professor in the concerned Department. But the guidance was not leading her anywhere, even though she had her own ideas quite clear about the subject. She just needed to give it the shape of a Ph.D. thesis in the correct way. But it was not happening the way she wanted. She couldn't complete the project in 5 years. She then re-registered herself and pursued with the same guide but again it led her nowhere. Her registration has expired and she lost hope. Now she feels like pursuing it again, but without a guide. Or is it possible to pursue a Ph.D. course online under any other university? Can anyone suggest what to do?
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  • Acquiring a PhD is about the research work which incorporates learning at a higher level. Now for this a mentor or guide is required who will direct or guide the individual and the show the path to accomplish this.

    In some countries, though it is in rare cases, there is a channel to do the thesis work without any guide or advisor.

    In our country there is no facility or option to do it without a mentor or guide. One can write quality research papers and publish them in the journals but when it comes to a complete thesis work it is not possible to go ahead without the guidance of the guide. PhD is thesis work with learning and it is not only publishing a work that one can get this degree.

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