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    Is NOC required during probation period from one govt job sector to another?

    Received various job offers in government organizations and may wish to switch after accepting one post? Get proper guidance from the advice suggested here on whether or not a NOC would be mandatory if you plan to change the job.

    I have got 3 job offers at one time, in the Railways, the Police and the High court. I wish to apply for the job in Railways, but it will take two months, whereas I have received a joining letter for the Police. So, if I take up the police job and then later the Railways call me for document verification, they will likely ask for a NOC. Is it required to give the NOC? I did not mention during filling up the form about any job because at that time I had not got any job as such. Also, can I resign quickly from the Police Department if my joining letter comes from the Railways?
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  • You are in a transition stage. If you have applied before joining in the present organisation then the question of NOC does not apply as you have also not mentioned your present employment there.

    In case you have applied after joining here and also mentioned in the application form then this will be applicable.

    Anyway, in your case there is no problem and you can give a one month notice or pay one month salary to leave the organisation immediately and go to join to the other organisation.

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  • If you have not joined the Police department job, and you are sure you will get the Railways job in two months, better do not join the Police job, but wait for two months and then join the Railway job. But if you are not sure about the Railway job, then read the conditions of the Police department appointment order and ensure that you can leave the job without difficulty if needed within the required time. Ensuring that join the Police department job.
    Please also ensure that the Police job does not require training in some distant place and you are not in disadvantage to respond to the Railway job call when it comes. Or that you can get casual leave etc to appear before Railway department when needed.

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