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    How to convince boyfriend about the girl's love though parents disapprove?

    Parents disapprove your love with your boyfriend but you still wish to continue the relationship? Go through the responses at this Ask Expert page which may help you to deal with the situation.

    This story is about my friend. She was in a relationship for three years. She informed her parents about her love. They scolded her and scolded her partner too indirectly. She told him and he got angry with her and her parents. Actually, that guy doesn't have parents and that is the main reason for my friend's parents for not accepting their love. The boy has decided to leave her and has told her not to call him or send messages, to start her life with another person. All this is making my friend suffer. She really loves him and wants to convince him. What is the solution?
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  • This is a classical case of courage to love and is a test of the girl in this situation.

    It is clear that she loves the boy desperately but as her parents are not agreeing she is in a doldrum or dilemma.

    Now, if the girl is really serious about this affair she should not bother for her parents and talk to the boy regarding the practical side of this relationship. She should ask the boy that if she deserts her parents then they may debar her from their property and may disconnect with her permanently and she will be a financial loser of the ancestral property. She should very clearly ask the boy whether it is acceptable to him.

    If yes, then the next thing comes is that if they elope and marry then where they will live and what is the source of their livelihood. This question of course is to be answered by both of them as it is very common now a days that both of them take up a job.

    After this if there seems to be a resolution to the problem then go ahead and live together with a registered marriage certificate in hand because that is a necessary legal document if in case a parter due to some unforeseen reason ditches the other.

    Love is blind but we should not observe it blindly.

    If the above discussion does not give a solution or reach to a conclusion then I will suggest that the girl should forget this as a bad dream and start her life afresh.

    Please remember that the life for a woman is more difficult in the society as compared to the man because any failure in love marriage is going to adversely affect the woman only because the men are privileged in these matters traditionally and socially even though we talk of gender equality or women empowerment.

    So the girl in question should tread very cautiously and carefully in this love game.

    Knowledge is power.

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