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    How to sort cells by color in an Excel sheet?

    Having difficulties in locating specific types of data on an Excel sheet? Get expert advice on how to sort out cells in an Excel sheet by colour so that you are able to quickly locate relevant data based on those coloured cells.

    We use Excel Sheet to categorize different aspects of information and call it data. In most cases, we mark a certain category by some color that cannot be placed in any separate row or column. This we do to quickly find out some data whose status are different from others. For example, ones that need to be rechecked, edited, completed, yet to be removed etc.

    Since in an Excel sheet we usually deal with a huge amount of data, it becomes difficult to scroll through and find out the ones we have marked with some color. My question is - is there any way to find in the sheet the data by the colors we have marked them with?

    If yes, please explain the process in detail.
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  • In excel there is a utility as SORT in the top menu and if you select it you will be asked in a top horizontal line three things. They are 'Column', 'Sort on' and 'Order'.

    Under the column you have to select the field say name or age or last name etc.

    Under the sort on you have to select colour.

    Under order you have to select the shade of the colour.

    You have not to bother for anything. Everything you can select with the drop down arrow at the requisite place. Just practice a few times and you will be able to do that.

    Knowledge is power.

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