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    What should be the capacity of a pressure cooker to cook rice for 50 people?

    Planning to cook rice in a pressure cooker for fifty people at one go? Our experts will suggest the ideal capacity the pressure cooker should be in order to quickly cook rice for such a large group.

    I wish to buy a pressure cooker of any brand to cook rice for 50 members quickly. The pressure cookers are marked with their capacity as 3L 5L 7L 10L etc. These small cookers can only meet the requirement of a medium-size family. Suppose I want to cook rice for 50 personnel in one go, what should be the capacity of the pressure cooker? Is it 20L 30L 40L or 60Litres?
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  • Pressure cookers are available in the market in different different sizes and different companies have different designs and sizes.

    Generally they are available from as low as 2 litres to as high as 80 or even 160 litres industrial versions with special gauges and steam let offs.

    Depending upon the use the size of pressure cooker is selected by the buyer in the market.

    For 50 persons the 22 litres pressure cooker will be suitable. If filled up to the rim it can even cater to 70-80 persons.

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  • In the market two types of pressure cookers are available. First is smaller size that is up to 10 ltr which are useful for family purpose. The other is industrial cookers which come in bigger sizes ranging from 11 ltr to 160 ltr or even more.

    For preparing rice for 50 persons a pressure cooker of size at least nearly or more than 18 ltr will be needed. However the bigger sizes like 20 or 22 ltr will be more comfortable as sufficient blank space will be available for steam generation and release.

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