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    What are the safe and scientific methods of removal of ear wax?

    Want to get ear wax removed safely? Check out the answers to this query at our Ask Expert page to know how to remove ear way in the correct, safest manner.

    I want to know something about the scientific and safe methods of removal of ear wax. What are the different methods with which someone is able to remove ear wax safely? How do Doctors actually remove ear wax?
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  • As per what I know, ear wax does not really accumulate if one is having a head bath/shower once in while. This is because the water trickles down into both ears and makes the wax in them loose. In the case of those having a lot of ear wax, this may be loosened with the use of ear drops. However, it is not advisable to take over-the-counter bottles from your local pharmacy. If there is a lot of ear wax, it would be better to first consult an ENT specialist (ear, nose, throat specialist) as it is possible the ear wax has hardened and causes a bit of pain. Depending on the nature of the blockage caused by the ear wax, the drops will be prescribed. In fact, what the ENT may first instruct is to use the ear drops for a week and then report back. On the second visit, the ENT will simply aim a spray of water into your ear and the blob of hardened wax will pop out. This is the course of treatment I had taken some years back when I felt a hard blockage in one ear. It is possible that the ear drops may not be required at all and the ENT may be able to clear your ears on the first visit itself.

    Most of us do use cotton ear buds but in reality, these should not be used at all. Earbuds can be as unsafe to use as is the case with poking the ear with a pencil or a toothpick or some other object in the ear. Avoid doing such idiotic things as it can damage the delicate eardrum and rupture it. The eardrum may subsequently not heal at all and you may end up with hearing loss. The bottom line - do see an ENT specialist when required.

    An important point to note here is that after the afore-mentioned spray of water and removal of the stony, hardened wax, one's hearing gets magnified. One literally hears terrific noise all around and it is really unbearable! To avoid the battering of the eardrums, put some cotton in the ears for about an hour (the ENT will likely give you this) but also ensure that the cotton wad is not so small that it disappears inside the ear.

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  • Generally, the wax accumulation will not be there in the ear more than required. Excess wax will come out on its own. Some quantity of ear wax is required to protect the eardrum. Don't put oils and other materials to remove the wax as they may spoil the ears.
    You please consult a doctor and take his advice and follow as per his suggestion.

    The following points may give you some idea about the topic.

    1. If ear wax is to be removed, to be on safe side, you are requested to go to ENT specialist.

    2. He will examine the inner year using an instrument called otoscope. This instrument lights and magnifies the inner ear so that the doctor can carefully examine the inner ear.

    3. After examining the ear he will decide whether the wax is required to be removed or not.

    4. If necessary he will remove wax using an instrument called curet. This is a small curved instrument.

    5. Alternatively, he can remove it by the use of suction while inspecting the ear.

    6. Some doctors may flush it out using a water pick or a rubber-bulb syringe filled with warm water.

    7. If the problem is a recurring problem he will suggest some medical way to remove the wax. The important point here is the medicine prescribed by the doctor is only to be used. They generally suggest carbamide peroxide.

    8. Some doctors use ear candling method. But it is better to avoid this method.

    9. Never try to dig out excessive or hardened earwax by using some tools like a paper clip, a cotton swab etc.

    10. Don't use some metallic pins etc to remove wax from the ear. It will damage your eardrum.

    11. Don't take medicines from the medical shop directly and use them. They will spoil your skin around the eardrum and ear canal.

    12. You should not use earbuds. It will give irritation to the skin around the ear.

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  • In some persons, ear wax is a perennial problem. They have to get it removed time to time.

    The best course is to go to an ENT doctor who can remove the wax with all the precautions and using the proper tools.

    However, if the person is not suffering with the ear membrane problem like perforation or hole in it, he can with proper care remove it.

    Generally, it is advisable to put some warm water or glycerin or wax removing solution and once wet the wax can be slowly removed with a soft bud without pressing it towards the eardrum membrane.

    Please note that ear is a delicate part of our body and until unless one is having expertise in cleaning it, one should not venture in that process.

    Keeping a good hygiene and cleaning the sweat time to time from outer ear may also help to some extent .

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  • Formation of ear wax is a natural process and its main function is to protect the entire hearing mechanism from the external agents likely to damage the hearing- function and one must take enough precautionary steps while removing the wax from the ear. There are a few home remedies which may work like a magic in the process of removing the ear wax.
    1) We may take a little amount of Coconut - oil and the same is to be heated around 60 degree centigrade and the same is to be poured on the affected ear preferably in the night prior to retirement to bed. The wax will soften within four to five hours. In the early morning, take a cotton swab and pull the wax gently from the ear.
    2) The other process is to apply the combination of 5 percent strength of Hydrogen- peroxide along with equal amount of water. Mix it thoroughly and then the same is to be poured into the affected area. Let the process work five to six hours. The wax will come out easily on gentle pulling.
    In lieu of Coconut - oil, we may take Olive - oil as well and it will work with the same efficiency.
    However, in case of persistence of any ear - problem, it would be better to consult the ENT specialist.

  • When I was a kid my grandmother used to put a drop of mustard oil in my ears and it used to wet the wax and then the wax in shape of a small pill came out of the ears itself. We did not have to take it out with an earbud.

    This was a ritual to be observed in 1-2 months time interval.

    I do not know what is the stand of modern medical practices on this method but at that time, it was a practice adopted in many households. Glycerin was not known at that time in our village.

    Probably we can now put glycerin in place of the oil. As ear is a delicate part it is better to take the medical opinion before administrating anything in our ears.

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  • Recent scientific researches say that earwax actually helps in protecting our ear canal by trapping the dust particles and any other foreign objects, including ants, small flying insects, and it is one of the most delicate parts of our body. but too much of earwax can really make you feel uneasy with constant itches and a feeling of ear block. If you are facing the same issue, you can visit an ENT to get it treated, where they can treat you in the following ways:

    Doctors will use a kind of syringe to suck out the ear wax. This method can however be done safely at home, using a bulb syringe available at the medicine shops. This is the most preferred and harmless way of cleaning earwax. This method is also done for infants and children.

    Oozing it Out
    Doctors will first see the condition and then can use some effective ear drops to melt down the ear wax and that itself comes out from the ear after a few minutes. But it is recommended to always take doctor's advice and never try this on your own, because the ear is the most sensitive part that can get damaged very easily if a wrong product reaches your ear drums.

    Simple Home Remedy
    Put a few drops of mustard oil in your ears. Mustard oil is a heating substance that also has a strong aroma, which will instantly melt the ear wax and help it come out in small pill-sized balls. It will neither harm your ear, nor it will induce any pain. This process can be more effective if you just warm up the oil a bit, without heating it up.

  • As the above authors mentioned ear wax accumulates by the water droplets that enter to our ears at the time of bath. But there are simple home remedy if the ear pain not severe. Before starting the home remedies its better you be sure that its a common ear problem that occurs due to accumulation of wax.
    1) Luke warm little coconut oil and check out if its not hot lightly put one drop to the ear and sleep for a while to get the oil in. After few min just sleep opposite position few wax comes out and you can wipe them in tissue paper. This remedy can be applied twice a day for few days. This is a slow process.
    2) Suppose if you have ear pain due to common cold then heat coconut oil with few garlic piece and allow it to cool til Luke warm and put two drops and sleep for a while. Similar way you can use it twice. By first time itself you will get immediate relief and even quick relief from wax accumulation.
    You can try if you have common ear problem. After trying out this even if you don't get relief you have to consult a ENT specialist for better treatment.

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