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    Suggest a way to start a blog free of cost

    How to start a Blog with free of cost? Go through the suggestion made by our experts here in this ISC page.

    I want to start my own blog and searching for some good options free of cost. Can anyone guide me for the same? I have written some short articles and poems and willing to share them online through my own blog.
    Is the Wix a genuine option?
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  • There are a large number of sites where one can have one's free blog to be started but some of them are quite reputed like Blogger or Hubpages or WordPress or WIX or Yahoo etc.

    If you are mainly interested in the poetry side then I will recommend you the Hubpages. You can go there and see the level of poetries and the way they are uploaded there. You can upload the photos also there which are matching with the core feeling of the poems.

    If you are interested in pursuing the blog as a main activity then note that it requires a good content and quality so that you can attract traffic to your blog as there are commercial opportunities attached to the blogs through advertising giants like Google Adsense.

    Also note that you will have to update your blog and on a daily or weekly basis upload some good material there so that the visitor is lured to come there again and again.

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  • There are many blogging platforms which will allow us to create a blog without any charges. Blogger and are two such platforms which are very famous across the world. There are two versions of WordPress. They are and is a completely free one.
    Blogger and offer a free sub-domain of their sites and So blogs created on these sites have a web address like or
    As far is Wix is considered, this is having the following advantages.
    1. It has more than 500 good templates packed with innovative and interactive features
    2, It has Powerful customization tools. It includes the drag-and-drop editor in the business also.
    3, It has free 24/7 help by phone and email. it has hundreds of articles and videos to help you build a beautiful site
    4. All Wix websites come with built-in SSL security certificates.

    So there is no problem as such if you go with this site also.

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  • Google's is best for beginners. Alternately you can go for They have predefined setup for everything. WIX, Weebly have good options of mobile view. But you have to spent some time on selecting templates which perfect to view in mobile. There is one more site which allows you to post. Mainly they have reviewers so you will get benefit of testing your content. Whatever it is please make sure you publish own poetry first with patent. Lot of people stole and publish on their name if you are not careful.

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