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    Address related problem In application form of Govt. Job

    Worried about the impact of filling of erroneous permanent address while filling the application form? No need, our Experts would suggest you what to do and go through this ISC page for details.

    I have applied for an assistant engineer in the UP state department in 2013. While filling the form I somehow by mistake furnished the correspondence address of mine as the permanent address. Now I am qualified in the written exam and my interview and document verification are scheduled. What effect will it have on my candidature? In my interview form, I have corrected the mistake. Unfortunately, I don't have the copy of application form in which I have made mistake. I am a general candidate without any quota benefit and outside up resident
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  • This is a mistake done by you while hurrying up to submit the application form. Now what you can do is write a letter to them about this unintentional mistake and keep a copy of the same with you. Send this by registered post and keep the receipt.

    When you go for the interview and document verification show them this copy telling that you have informed them about this mistake and in the interview letter you have already corrected it.

    They may again ask a copy of that if they have not received it and you give them a copy. It will be corrected in their records so there will be no problem on that account.

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  • I think it is not a big issue. You may not have any problem. But the only issue is the letters posted should reach you. But there is no change in your present address you may not have that problem.
    You can send a letter to the officer concerned mentioning the mistake you have done and you can give them the correct permanent address in that letter. Please send that letter by registered post with acknowledgement due. Keep a copy of your letter and the receipt and the acknowledgement received back should be kept with you. When you go for document verification, you show them these copies you have with you so that they will verify their records and will make the required correction.

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