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    I would like to clear my arrears in BBA

    Confused about how to clear the arrears in a degree course after a long gap? No worries, our Experts would guide you properly and check this ISC page to know for more details.

    I did my graduation in BBA from Madras university during 2004-2007but I haven't cleared the course as I have 10 papers falling in arrears/pending but paid all fees and got a course completion certificate. After 10 years, now is there any possibility for me to clear the arrears and complete my degree? Please guide me.
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  • In most of the Indian universities, generally a total time of 6 years is provided to complete the course by clearing the backlog. So if a student has joined in the year 2004, he has to complete it at least by the year 2010.

    So, I am afraid, you do not stand a chance to clear your backlogs at the present juncture.

    In case if a student had some severe health problem or due to bad financial conditions of his family had to join a job to support the dependents then as a special case the college administration can allow him to clear the backlog at a later time also. But these things are rare and the college administration will only do it after ascertaining the facts of the case.

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  • A student pursuing an undergraduate programme which normally runs for three, or four years will be allowed two more years to clear his back papers. In the same way, the post-graduate students will also be given as many years to clear their backlog. In some exceptional circumstances, a further extension of one more year may be granted.
    In your case, it is already more than 10 years. By this time there may be many changes and new regulations might have come into existence. So chances are remote.
    Anyhow you can make a try by writing to the University Vice-Chancellor about the reasons for not clearing the subjects so many years and you can pray for his consideration to allow him and he may consider if he feels that the reasons mentioned are unavoidable and there is no way for you to attend the examination. But it is a very rare case.
    In such a case, you have to write all the subjects as a fresh student and as a private candidate.

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