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    Regarding martial status while applying central government /government exam forms

    Need guidance as to how to fill the Application form in the case of a Divorcee? Check this ISC page to know more from our experts here.

    I am 26 yr divorcee girl. I am preparing for Central /state government exams (OBC category). While filling the application form for exams, there was a column for marital status. And I marked as unmarried in all forms but actually, I am a divorced woman. Is there any problem with that? In document verification and police verification, Will it affect my selection? I have to mention that as a divorced woman in forms. Please clarify my doubts. Can I fill it as unmarried in future exam forms?
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  • No. You should give correct information when you are filling up the application forms for government jobs as well as private jobs. In government jobs, after your selection, they will conduct an enquiry by police and in the enquiry, if they come to know that you are divorced, there is every right to them to disqualify you for the post. You cannot stop them. So if there is a chance to edit your application edit it and correct it as divorce. If there is no chance now to review the same you have to inform them about the deviation. You please send a letter in writing inform the correct position and send it by registered post acknowledgement due and keep the receipt given by the Post office and a copy of the letter written to them with you. These will be useful to you when you go for document verification.
    In all the application you should give correct information only in all columns.

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  • While filling the form we should be careful to see what are the options mentioned there. If in the application form it is mentioned as Married/ Unmarried/ Divorcee then you must select the correct choice. There can be some legalities later and at the time of document verification there may be some problem and you will not able to clarify the things at that time.

    Now you can request them by post or email about this unintentional mistake telling that is has been done inadvertently by you in a hurry in filling the form. Keep a copy of this request with you and produce it at the time of document verification. Accepting your mistake in time is as good as not committed it.

    I think if you inform in time they will consider it and your records will be accordingly updated.

    Another thing is generally in our society and culture the name of the girl is modified to the extent of the surname of the husband. If it is so in you case then there will be a name mismatch in the documents pertaining to before and after of the marriage and you will not be able to justify that if you say that you are unmarried. Please note that you have to tell thousand lies to cover one lie. So do not feel hesitated on this account and take the action of informing them promptly.

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  • You have to be honest in your approach. Suppressing any fact and the revealation of the same by the employers at a later stage will cause an embrassing situation to the extent that you may loose your job for such a silly mistake.
    While filling up a form, you might have noticed the indication of different such as Miss/ Mrs/ Married/ Divorced etc and any lapse in course of filling up the form incorrectly will invite problem.
    However, it has not been so late and the error Commited at this juncture can be intimated to the controller of examination with a registered post attached with an acknowledgment indicating your name and address. Keep the same as a proof of your initiative taken in this regard.

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