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    How to Sell My Videos on Youtube

    Interested to know how to sell our own videos on YouTube? Check this ISC page to learn a few tips from our ISC computer WizKids.

    Although Adsense is one earning source by uploading videos on youtube, I want to know how can one sell there own shoot movies.
    For example- in youtube, some movies are allowed to view only after paying some money.
    Do the producer sell once to youtube, or youtube share some royalties to the producer or uploader on every purchase?
    Is there any other online channel where we can sell our movies and can make money?
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  • You can sell your videos online. Generally, Youtube if you post your video, based on the clicks on your video. But there are some channels where you can sell your video.
    1. Uscreen: Uscreen has a polished website that prompts to upload anything and set our own price. Video content can be sold as subscriptions, one-time payment, rentals, or simply made available for free.
    2. Vimeo: Vimeo is another site. It launched an on-demand platform. 90 per cent of the revenue will be given to you and the option to make videos available to rent or buy.
    3. Amazon: Amazon's service can be used to sell and distribute video content. There are two options.
    Space DVD on Demand or Amazon Video Direct
    CreateSpace can create retail-ready DVDs, eligible for listing on IMDb
    Amazon Video Direct basically means that your productions will be ready to buy or stream on Amazon.
    4, iTunes: Apple's popular media supermarket is a good location to make money from your videos.
    These Apple partners are numerous so you should be able to find one to work with. For a fee, they will prepare your video for listing on iTunes, enabling you to sell it.

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  • It is true that there are many sites, as elaborated above in the first answer, where one can register, join and offer videos for selling.

    Now, one thing which is very important is the subject, content and quality of the video. There are a large number of people offering their work for selling in the internet and until unless the content is up to the mark one may not be able to sell it or get a good price.

    So, this is an important point and one has to try producing novel and innovative work videos if one wants to have success in this line.

    The initial work should be of very good quality as it lays foundation and makes reputation for future submissions.

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