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    How to learn Product Management?

    Interested to know what is Product Management and how to go about. Then check this ISC page to learn the basics from our ISC experts.

    There is a new trend of product management that is going on. Unlike project management this management position deals with the team and the product alone instead of generalized manager position like project management. If you are to learn about product management what are some resources for the same?

    What are some places where we can learn product management?
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  • Product managers are the people who are hired by a company to take control of devising and launching a new product in the market. This is a big area starting from identifying the customer's need to designing a product which will get acceptance in the market and bring revenue for the company.

    Earlier people were doing MBA and joining companies and were doing any job related to business management. Now some colleges have started the Product Management course either separately or as a part of the MBA program and these people are getting hired by the companies to take care of the aspect of new product area.

    There are many ways to learn Product Management depending upon the circumstances of a person and how much time he can devote for the same.

    The first option is to join a full time or part time Product Management course in a university or college like Amity Business School, Noida, MIT World Peace University, Pune, Mittal School of Business, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab etc.

    The second option is to join an online course for the same like 'Udemy' or 'Aha! for Product' or in 'Linkedin' site.

    If you do not need a degree certificate then there is a third option of self study for which a large material is available in the internet.

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  • There are many institutes offering product management courses in India. These courses will teach you product strategy, the positioning of the product in the market and its consumer perception. You can also learn how to use creative advertising techniques for product endorsement, analysis of the product portfolio.
    The following are some of the good institutes offering these courses.

    1. Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore
    2. Amity Business School, Noida,
    3. MIT World peace university, Pune
    4. Mittal School of Business, Lovely Professional University, Phagwa.
    5. Centre for technology-enabled learning, Delhi
    6.Max Value University, Chennai
    7.ISBM University, Gariyaband

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  • If one is interested in learning the product management then there are some reputed online sites where one can attend the tutorials and consult the related material for study. Some of these are -

    (1) Courses on 'Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals', 'Software Product Management Specialization' and 'Digital Product Management?' by Coursera (
    (2) Course on 'Product Design?' by Udacity? (
    (3) Course on 'Product Management and Marketing' by Udemy (

    Some basic courses are free of cost also. So, one can choose from the available ones as per one's choice.

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  • Product management is relatively a new course designed to optimise the production of a newly launched products and the managers having sufficient exposure in such lines are hired by the companies to take care of maximisation of profits with the ideas of the deployed managers.
    These managers get their expertise with the prominent institutions such as
    1) Amity Bussiness School, Noida
    2) Institute of Product leadership, Bangalore
    3) Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab
    4) MIT world peace university etc.
    However, certain universities conduct certification course as well to train the aspirants in the product - management line so that they can take up challenges in this area. The companies would be interested to hire the promising candidates for maximisation of their revenues.

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