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    Is it good to have a turtle as a pet in India?

    How about having a Turtle as our pet animals in our Indian environment? Few doubts would be clarified by our ISC experts and check this page for more details.

    Having turtle as a pet in India, is not as popular as in western countries. Have seen few of them having it as a pet but how good it is to have a turtle as a pet in India. What are the drwabacks, especially the veterinary service? What are the tips for turtle tank setup, basking area, and the care needed? Please suggest.
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  • Indian species of turtles are protected under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. So, it is illegal to have them as pets.

    Still, some people take risk of keeping them in their backyard in the gardens clandestinely but if someone complains it will be a big problem.

    As per classification of animals, turtles are categorised as amphibians, which means that they live on land and water both. So people keep them in remote farmhouses where ponds are there.

    The Indian Wildlife Protection Act does not speak about the exotic species of turtles imported from outside and on that plea people bring them from foreign countries and keep as pets. In such cases one should keep the original import invoice and other documents handy in case there is a checking by the authorities.

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  • Legally you are not supposed to have a pet turtle in the house as per the wild protection acts and rules in our country.
    But we find in some places the house owners bringing up some turtles.
    We will get very small turtles from the fish sellers for aquariums. We can purchase from them put them in a small water tank and the tank can and we can feed them daily food available in the market. Generally, these turtles can live both in water as well as open air. But when they are small it is better not to leave them out and we should keep inside in a water tank and feed them properly. In 2 or 3 years of time, they will become big and we can leave them in the pond or if we have any garden in the house we can keep them there. They eat leaves and continue to survive.
    When they are inside the problem is if we go anywhere outside by locking the house for 4 or 5 days, they will have the problem of food.
    Many people to have pet turtles in the house as auspicious. So many people are trying to have them. After taking care of them for some time they may be leaving them in an outside pond or park.

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