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    What are the ways to improve performance for large database on ERP?

    Interested to know how to enhance the performance-oriented features of ERP? Check this ISC page to know further details from our experts.

    What are the ways to improve performance for large database on ERP? If MS Sql database is used as back-end database for ERP software and lot of tables has larges numbers of records then ERP software work very slow day by day.

    Lot of ways to improve performance even large number of records what are the current and modern way we can try to improve performance of database.

    Please share experts views on this.
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  • If ERP is getting slow. you can see the following points which will improve the performance. You can do it to your existing system without incurring any additional cost
    1. Get your new employees to know fully about your ERP system. Some of the users may be using the functions in the system without knowing. If there is a good turnover of employees since your initial ERP implementation consider holding training classes to the employees by an outside consultant or by an internal ERP senior staff of your company.

    2. If multiple systems are being used without any purpose may lead to tp inefficient and error-prone condition. So please have a look at outside systems running and confirm whether there are also off the same functionality. ERP providers bring in new functionality every year. They may have what you are looking for. You can ask your ERP partner for the latest price on that functionality.

    3. Are you using ERP to make daily, weekly or monthly reports from the ERP system? Is there any data in the system which is no longer useful and nobody is reviewing. Discuss with various management departments and review and then remove and discontinue those statements.

    4. You perform a comprehensive delete and archival of old system data. It will improve your ERP system's performance.

    always confident

  • ERP is a powerful system for the organisation work flow and management functions. The system is to used judiciously and in an optimal manner.

    It may sometimes happen that the system may start behaving in a lethargic manner and delay the process.

    First and foremost thing to be seen in this respect is hardware and software system and if there are any wear and tear or bugs in them they are to be corrected and then the system should be booted on.

    Other thing is keeping the system clutter free. The data should be archived in a proper way and should not be dumped just like that. A good data architecture will boost the efficiency of the system.

    The last thing is handling of software in a precise way. Sometimes people experiment with the software and it gets partially corrupted and delays all the routines and subroutines in ERP modules.

    So maintenance and time to time cleaning of the system and removing the junk is mandatory for making the system efficient.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Can you all also share some example of ERP who is best in the market and large number of peoples working on that. Good to see all your best response and you all are also giving answer in details. I will also try to elaborate in detail in future. Currently I am seeing Microsoft products are doing good and SAP doing best in the market but middle level companies using Tally also.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • As in the case of buying any durable items like the electronic commodities, we are getting the guaranteed services as well & so the same is the case with the ERP too. There is no denying with the fact that SAP is number one followed by Oracle if the efficiency & the productivity are concerned but at the same time these are costly too in comparison to other available ERP systems in the market & the tally can be considered to be the most backdated in its segment. The ERP implementation is for long term uses for any of the companies having planned for its implementation & therefore the planning has to be taken care of accordingly by the ERP administrator for all its functioning including with technical, functional along with the updating with the hardware aspects such as the servers, processors wiring & the storage mediums. In case any of these aren't properly maintained then for sure the overall performance would be downward leading to slow down of the overall system with lengthier processing time.

    The best way to deal is to ask with your technical expertise including to that of the third party consultant before arriving to any stand. It would be good when asked with the other competitors for their AMC in order to tackle with any kind of nuisances which may even lead to the loss of data or information saved.

    In my opinion, the SAP would be the best choice because of its functionalities with best GUI & customization techniques.

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