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    Career change from BPO Sector to Other

    Having a query about a career change? Go through this ISC page to get a few suggestions from our experts.

    I would like to seek your suggestions on the following:

    One of my friends, he has done BCA in graduation and after that, he has done PD Diploma in HRM. He has around 9 years of working experience. He started his career as an Administrative Assistant in Recruitment Agency and worked for around 1 and a Half year.

    After that, He worked for around 6 and a Half year in BPO Non-Voice process, Day Shift. He lost the job because of some reason. He was searching for a job and did not get any good opportunity, so he put up a small garment shop and continued job search. Finally, he got a job as a KPO Associate, but since the working atmosphere was too hectic and the rule was too strict, he could not continue there and left the job in 4 months. Now he is still searching for an opportunity.

    He is not willing to work rotational and night shift so he is not getting a job in BPO sector.

    Could you please suggest how and in which sector he can try to get a job.
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  • With his experience and qualifications, he may be suitable for administrative, human resources management and management jobs in various private industries.
    Your friend might have continued in the job till he got another job. It is easy to change a job when you are working rather than getting a job without doing any job. Anyhow, let him make a CV and submit to and and any other jobs portal.
    He can also forward his CV to various contacts mentioning the experience you have in the cv.
    BCA he studied so he can try some computer-related jobs also. But getting a job in that line is very difficult.
    If he can do BEd for two years after that he may get selected for a teacher post.

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  • Thank you very much for the suggestion.

  • BCA and HRM. A different combination. 9+ years work experience overall from different industry (HR and BPO etc.).

    Before starting this, I would like to inform you (and all) that BPO experience (other than specialized one) won't count as work experience for that particular Degree or Diploma related.

    For example, a BE graduated person worked in BPO (for back-end office process) then it won't be count or helpful for him / her as an Engineering work experience (as we could see some BE graduate joins BPO for time being till they get the relevant jobs sooner or later in Engineering related industry).

    Except temporary joining somewhere on irrelevant jobs, it is always better to apply and join in a job where the study matches. In your case, I would suggest you to apply and join either in Software or Hardware related company or HR department only as HR staff needed in almost every small to large organization.

  • Your friend first has to pinpoint the area of his interest where he can be happy, satisfied and contribute also. He must be having some interest in some particular type of job.

    Once this is done then he has to sort out the vacancy advertisements accordingly and start applying for them.

    Today, the job condition in our country is very tight and it takes time even for the top ranking students to secure a good job.

    Some of the areas where his past experience may help him getting a job are also to be kept in view.

    Some of the lines which can be kept in mind are general administration and HR functions, stores related work, work related to records and computer archives, supervisory placements etc.

    He should also note that there is no job small or big. One should not shy in joining a small job because it gives you work experience which helps in switching to other better jobs.

    I want to share my experience here. Long back, I did my post graduation with good marks but due to the tight job condition I did not get some good job. At the same time, I easily got many mediocre jobs but my parents and friends all of them discouraged me to join that as I had a very good academic career. I also agreed with them as it satisfied my ego.

    One year passed and I was waiting for a good job but nothing happened. At that time I was going to a library in the evening to read magazines and other periodicals. While reading an motivational article, I found these words there - No job is small or big. It gives you opportunity to step up the ladder.

    I decided to join a mediocre job but seeing the resistance in my place I went to join a similar one in a town about a days journey from my place.

    Believe me, it changed my life completely and after 3 years I switched to an appropriate job. There was no one in that town to mislead me.

    That 3 years experience is still helping me in various ways.

    So, he should not sit idle and engage himself till he gets a satisfying job elsewhere.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As he is not interested in working in round the clock shifts or on rotational basis, it is suggested that he try to get a 9 to 5 job.
    It is not necessary to back and ask for the why and what or how.
    As the age is advancing and the person is not updating with latest qualifications or additional knowledge,it is not easy to get a job. So he should get some steady job as early as possible, probably with some compromise in salary or satisfaction .
    Is he having his garment shop now? Then he can try to expand the business by focusing more on that.
    If not, is better for him to get an administrative office job and then gain experience and add additional qualifications and update knowledge in that field.
    If he has not passed the maximum age for applying for government or public sector jobs, he can try and apply for the posts he is eligible to apply. Then he should spend idle time/ spare time preparing for the competitive examinations.

  • Once an employee looses his job, it takes enormous time in getting a job of his satisfaction.
    There are two options under the prevailing circumstances- either your friend should expand his own Business keeping in view of current requirement of customers and deploying such staffs capable of augmenting the present production of the garments. He would be required to maintain patience since the picking up profit may not noticeable immediately but the consistent effort in the similar line would be later on highly satisfying.
    The other option would be to look out such assignments requiring administrative skill in the office management. Initially attractive salary and perks should not be the important consideration rather he should accept the assignment for the future growth. Later, with the enrichment of experience he may apply elsewhere with a better package.
    Lastly, he may try his job in a secondary school as a computer teacher and later, B.Ed degree can be secured by means of delivery stance education from IGNOU or from other recognised distance institution so as to make permanent career in the teaching line.

  • Thank you all for your valuable answers.
    Do companies take him if he directly go and ask.
    What he says is, most of the time interviewer rejects him saying his experience doesn't match with the job he has applied. Can you suggest what is the best answer he can give.

  • On the practical ground the options are limited with your friend because for me as an employer, I would be having many doubts & at the same time not sure of his consistency in case if get hired. Since his education & experience are in context to HRM & administrative areas & therefore changing to some different profile wouldn't be easy as well.

    If I have understood the current circumstance than your friend is not in any job while keeping the options open as per his terms & conditions but I would suggest to go ahead with changes in the CV which suites for early hiring. In the first place, pl. remove the section that brief of running its own business set-up if is there any & don't come-up with the jobs having small durations. For any gaps the excuses can be made of some personal reasons. Pl. don't take this otherwise but being too much honest is also not doing good for you & therefore do these immediate changes in your resume. This is good to note that being not in job in the meantime, you wouldn't be damaging yourself even if something comes out against you in the future because you would be in the same place as earlier except for the case that if everything goes smooth which is most probably the case you would find yourself somewhere.

    Now in context to profile, your friend can opt for backend jobs having the profiles of Co-ordination but again the salary part would be disappointing but somehow we have to bent over on our knees in order to run during the coming times.

    In the meantime, use your network of other friends as well with looking out for jobs by directly visiting the companies along with having suggestions from the job consultants on your varied aspects. The most important is to be practical in your approach & hope so that you must have got with some experiences as well.

  • Thank you Ved Prakash Anand Sir for your valuable answer. Is that he has to remove his own business details from the Resume to maximize the opportunity to get hired? If at all he does not get a job, then how it would be to learn Digital Marketing and starting career in that? As it can be done as a freelancer too.

    Thank You,

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