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    How to tackle kids for study if he or she always resist on reading and writing?

    Worried about your kids who always try to skip reading and writing? No issue, our experts would guide you here how to handle such a tricky situation and check this ISC page to know more about this.

    How to tackle kids for study if he or she always resist on reading and writing? Is strict behavior can help or we need to use any other way.

    My one kid not interested in reading and writing and it become very difficult on school also can you suggest some ways to increase interest and move forward in positive way.
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  • Initially, many kids will be like this only. They will not show interest to go to school and they will not read also.
    Better to see that they will get an interest in going to school. Initially, for a few days, either the mother or father has to accompany the kid when he is going to school. Even if necessary we should wait near the school which will make the kid adjusted to the school.
    We should show him videos of child classes, games, nursery rhymes etc. so that he will get some interest in studying.
    We should not be very strict immediately. But we should tell him some stories etc. so that he will get some interest to go to school. We should be patient with them and try to make them understand rather than forcing him.

    always confident

  • Understanding the psychology of the kids and inspiring them for creative work is always a big challenge and difficult work for the parents.

    The kids are having their own temperament and will not listen to things so easily. Some kids are relatively sober and obey their parents but some are a bit stubborn and adamant and will not agree to any proposition.

    In such cases, the parents have to be very patient and devise ways to control and manage them with innovative techniques. One thing which is of prime importance is reward and punishment. Whenever they fight or nag or create problem do not appease them by chocolates or dolls or toys rather keep them suffering for some time and then only when it is the usual meals time give them food or other eatables. At the same time if they obey and work properly, award them something which they relish ranging from eatables to outing and going to movies or fun places.

    This appears to be easy task but requires a lot of efforts from the parents side. We should not depend on the servants or maids in this matter.

    There is an old saying that spare the rod and spoil the child. So, at times, we have to be a bit tough and handle them sternly.

    In this matter, please note that some children are mentally weak since birth and their grasping and understanding are below the normal kids. We have to treat them in a different way as tough handling will sometimes subdue them and there is always a danger of them going in to the depression.

    In case of any severe problem in this regard, we can take the advice of child psychologists also who can give a long time solutions for such situations.

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  • The positive way here is to make reading and writing pleasant for the kid.
    Take some portions of the lessons or subjects and narrate them with anecdotes and practical examples so that the child enjoys that and understands the concept or message behind that. similarly make him write matters which he likes. Allow the child to read and write what he likes . Give the child some story books with diagrams and photos. Give him some quizzes or puzzles and make him write the answers. Ask him to write down what he want to become. Ask him to write about what he saw on Tv or what he played that day etc.

    In between make him write the homework or assignments and read his lessons. This may not be as easy as said. But creativity, practicality and due perseverance and sincerity can give best results.
    Also visit the school and evaluate how his teachers or main teacher is. Probably there may be some contributing reason there too. If so try to solve that.

  • Thanks to All of you for sharing good ideas on this. I will try to implement some tips which you shared here but its not implementable quickly I will try slowly slowly to make everything fine.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • Kids are tender hearted and will not abide the parents even if they use harsh words or take tough measures. They are to be treated with care in a psychological way so that they follow our advices.

    Treating them with care does not mean that we pamper them. Pampering is the worst thing but happening in many households.

    It is said that discipline starts from top and parents have to set examples in front of the children so that they unknowingly start following them.

    So we have to be patient in dealing with these daredevil's who will do anything without giving a thought to it.

    Children by nature are stubborn and adamant. It is only the parents who make them tolerant and cordial.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Kids are inspired by the encouraging words of their parents and teachers and with a touch of love, they will certainly follow the instruction as guided by their parents. To understand their needs, we need to be very close and should fulfil their basic needs.
    They need to be taught the right amount of discipline with constant preachings but in right blends since exceeding the limit may cause backfire.
    We should tell them some inspiring stories to boost up their morals. They will be amused with the stories of Ramayan and Mahabharata. A proper care needs to be taken with respect to teaching them some atticates while meeting the friends of the parents.
    The talent would groom with a stimulating environment.

  • I also tried one things I tried to start MS Paint to make drawings and typing in Microsoft word after that he was interested to learn more so if we try something new for creativity and learning then he can start to show interest slowly slowly but we need to give more time and effort to do all those things.

    once he come back on track then he will start doing self also and can advice to do more on paper drawing ,coloring , indoor and outdoor game also . Mobile is very big challenge for all parents . If you give mobile then he will be habitual on mobile videos and game so do not give mobile more to kids.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • In some houses the main reason for such resisting is parents. In such houses parents neglect children once joined them in school and leave total responsibilities on teachers. To make children pleased to read, write or going to school parents should talk them friendly and playfully about their experiences in the school daily.

  • One similarity among any of the children is that they don't afraid of their parents being the case that the child get used to of your kind gesture towards them since they were still very small that not even able to speak & that they were communicated through physical movements & with emotions with the case that we never got angry with them with no matter what that they were involved with or up to. Now after this if we suddenly jump to the conclusion that they became intelligent enough to understand the whole concept of the importance of studies & education & carrier or livelihood would be something we can refer to as ridiculous. So for me, have some patience and try to observe about their interest & hobbies or a good time pass & then find the means to customize the whole things accordingly. What I feel important & essential is that expose them to the various other factors & areas which although even seems not important as this will encourage them to think on more broader areas beyond any limitations. Take an instance on yourself that when you come across with something that you never faced in your life, you bound to fill with more interest & enthusiast with having willing to learn it but when you are stopped than the reaction on your end would be just opposite of it.

    It's a matter of time they even you stated grasping things around you & if you think that you are grown-up & smart enough to let others move than this is the time that you can prove yourself & let others including me down.

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