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  • Confused between aim and dream

    Aim and Dream - Are you confused between the two? No worries, our ISC experts would give you few tips here to analyze and realize your Aim.

    I am a student of class 12th, commerce stream. I have a passion for writing. I want to be a novelist before I turn 18. But, I have so much pressure on me, regarding my studies. Also, I am preparing for IPM. I have many business ideas and have the aim of becoming a business tycoon. On the other hand, I want to become a great writer, this is my dream. What should I do?
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  • It is good that you have good ideas. But too many issues at one time may make you so much stressed. So as you are doing your studies, concentrate more on the studies. You are in 12th class now. The results of this 12th class are very important. So your first preference should be to concentrate more on your studies.

    As you are very much interested to be a writer, you can dedicate some time for that activity also. But don't give so much time for this activity. Once your 12th examinations are over you will get a good time so that you can concentrate on your hobby of writing. During that vacation, you can concentrate on your IPM and you can continue your writing. Try to read more books in the language you are trying to write and improve your vocabulary.

    You should read books written by different authors in the same language so that your language will improve and you will get a better idea about writing methods and skills.

    You should read and understand new words which can be used for your writings. If you don't understand the meaning of the words keep a dictionary and understand the meaning so that you will understand how to use that word and where to use that word.

    always confident

  • It is good to have dreams about one's future. There is nothing wrong in it. Many of us dream many things about our future. I have crossed the age of 65 years but for last few weeks I am dreaming about writing an article on a particular subject on which I have read much and I have a lot of information also but still I have not started it. I am sure that I will be very soon working on it. I have to convert my dream into reality.

    The point is if we do not dream we do not try to convert it into the reality. In the real life we aim for many things, we fix targets, we make goals etc and all this is done in hope of achieving them sooner or later.

    Time is a very intriguing thing in our life. Time and tide wait for none. We have no control on it. What we can do is utilise it more constructively and creatively and try to accomplish more in less time.

    We can have many dreams but we will pursue only for those where our passion and interest match. Every dream need to to be taken seriously. They are the wandering thoughts of subconscious mind.

    Coming to the ambition of becoming a novelist in a small time and produce an impressive novel is a good thought and objective but we have to see this possibility by considering our other engagements which are more important for career making and related to job and livelihood. We have to give the priority to the things in life as per their relative importance.

    Incidentally, novel writing is not a one day job. It requires a meticulous planning and conceptualisation. If you have a passion for it you can do it by giving it a little time out of your tight schedule. There are many good tips for novel writing and one of the most important is never write the novel in a hurry. Take your time in weaving the ideas and write may be only one stanza in one day. Let the story and plot evolve slowly and steadily to a climax and reach the end. It is not a manufacturing activity rather it is a creative activity of higher level requiring subtle human feelings and sentiments. So, do not bother for the time taken in writing for your first novel. Only important thing is start the process and do it with concentration and focus so that a quality work emerges out.

    Sometimes, it takes a longer time to realise our objectives and goals because of severe and tough competition in the world. We should not be discouraged by that and always keep our aim or goal in our sight. Remember, we have identified it as one of the dreams that we wanted to pursue in our life. So do not leave it now.

    I do not remember the name of the science fiction writer who desperately tried to get his stories published in the leading science fiction magazines of his time but only after a struggle of 10-15 years he got entry into the much crowded arena and finally became a successful and famous writer. The main reason of his success was the persistence and continuity of chasing the identified dream as an aim and goal in the life.

    Long back, one writer, Devaki Nandan Khatri wrote one hindi suspense, detective and thriller novel 'Chandrakanta' which was a hit with the readers (a TV serial was also made later on that). The story pertained to the times of kings in olden days and their detectives moving from one place to other and all sort of suspense and action. That book contained 4 parts in a single volume. Due to that success he wrote 'Chandrakanta Santati' and it was a long story in 7 volumes each comprising of 4 parts. The phenomenal success of this led him to write 'Bhootnath' in 8 volumes each containing 4 parts. He subsequently wrote 'Rohtasmath' in 4 volumes and then many others also in the sequel which were not so famous as these initial ones but in old hindi suspense and detective area of writing he is still considered the Guru.

    So, what I want to emphasise and advise is that you have to focus and concentrate in your objective, aim or goal and do not deviate to anything else in between until unless it is helping in realisation of that particular goal.

    There is no substitute for hard work and one can achieve the targets but only thing is persistence of efforts and focussed approach. So dream your aim and chase it relentlessly.

    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Dreams are involuntary and coming in sleep. Aims are intended and designed and decided by a conscious mind. But the dreamer has no controllable choice of designing and developing a dream during the dream. They may be related to reality or they may be unrealistic and concocted by involuntary mind..

    If the aims are realistic and effort made towards that aims are achievable.

    In you case please ascertain which is your conscious aim and which is your dream. Usually aims are those which are based on experience and prudence or rational thoughts. You have realised from your experience that you have a flair for writing. So to write a novel before you are 18 is your aim. It is achievable if you take the proper and focused efforts towards that. You want to become a business tycoon. This can be termed as your long term aim and a dream now. Why I say dream is because you have not analysed or possess the essential requirements of becoming a business person as of now. But you can gradually convert the dream to aim in due course. For that you need prudence and realistic approach and travel prudently i that direction. For that you should have or you should develop the quality of entrepreneurship first .

    But the reality is that you are a 12 th class student and preparing for IPM.
    So your immediate requirement is to put efforts o your studies and along with it prepare for IPM.

    You may prudently re-adjust the aim or goal to fit into the real situations. So you need not be very rigid about the age by which you write a novel. Make the aim such that you can concentrate on a novel during the gap after exams and before results and next academic year. Instead of a novel, write many short stories or novelette as and when they come to your creative mind. Keep a note and write whatever comes to your mind. That may help you in your aim to become a famous writer. Aims can also be reviewed and re assigned.

    You can also become a business person too. Select your next course or your job which is related to business and enterprise. Gain knowledge and experience. Then you can start your own business. Nowadays many startups have developed into big businesses. You can also become a business tycoon.

    Just as butter is separated from curd by proper churning, you also need a proper and regulated churning to be clear and separate dreams and aims. I have shown you the way to begin by a small analysis .
    Probably after you finish your 12 th you will be more clear and less confused. Best Wishes.

  • Many people dream for their career or other successful things but until unless they take them or one of them seriously, it does not become a real achievable object to be pursued. Dreams have no limit. One can have a large number of dreams on varied aspects of life.

    People make aim in life and then pursue them with full vigour and spirit. It is not easy to fulfill ones ambitions and aspirations as it requires a lot of hard work and persistent approach to reach to one's goals and achieve the success.

    So when we aim for something then that becomes our focus and requires concentration and relentless pursuit.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Aim vs Dream, in your case.

    Aim is particularly one or two to meet the target definitely.

    Dream is multiple choice and can be and can't be sometime due to other ambition or commitment. Sleeping dream is a different than dream while awaken.

    Try to complete 12th class and aim for B.Com, M.Com, CA, ICWA etc. and aim to give one to two hours per day to become Novelist / Writer, beside IPM.

    Aim to become business tycoon after your education is completed. You can become a great writer by spending one or two hours additionally by using blogging platform or this site itself.

  • Dreams can be classified in twin ways - dreaming in night while sleeping has to differentiated with the day - dreams. Night - dreams which remain vivid in our mind reflect some events emanated from our subconscious state and it is not all related to our thinking.
    Now while coming in the context of day - dreaming, It signifies that numerous options related to careers crop up in the mind but no seriousness is attached for the fulfilment of any of such dreams.
    Aim is the means of attainment of one of chosen profession with the dedicated involvement so that aim is ultimately achievable with the consistent approach.
    As of now, you should strive to achieve impressive scoring in your class twelve examination and that should be your immediate aim. Once you clear this examination, try to achieve the aim for IPM with the guidance of some good institutions. This, too, is not an easy aim, you need to learn different tools so that your aim is achieved in a realistic way.
    You may start your writing passion limiting your time say one or two hours and exceeding your time beyond that may affect in the materialisation of your prudent aim - to achieve the status of business- tycoon.

  • There is a famous saying, "jack of all & master of none". This is dangerous when we want to excel in our life & therefore in the first hand I would suggest you to pl. don't get overloaded & don't get pressurized as you are still going through with your basic studies & therefore what you intend to be after a certain duration of time or when you reach to a certain level is yet to come. You are mentioning, "I have a passion for writing. I want to be a novelist before I turn 18" & "I am preparing for IPM. I have many business ideas and have the aim of becoming a business tycoon." are two different aspects of your life. What I feel Ok with is that you go ahead with your preparations for IPM & at the same time invest your time with your writing skills as a hobby or interest & so being getting selected for IPM should be your first priority & simultaneously going ahead with your writing blogs should be part of your curriculum that must be considered of secondary importance.

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