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    Are both Diploma and Degree qualifications of the same subject legally acceptable?

    Having an engineering qualification with both a Diploma and a Degree from different universities? Know from experts if both qualifications are acceptable.

    I have completed 3 years diploma in engineering course as a regular student from an institution and along with that, I have completed a bachelor of arts degree course as a private student from a different university.

    My query is that: are both courses legal or not? Can I use both, the diploma certificate and the bachelor degree legally or not?
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  • This is a long pending issue with UGC, the regulatory body for education in our country. Presently UGC does not allow two simultaneous regular courses to be undertaken by the student from the same or different universities or institutions.

    But, if one course is regular and other is on distance mode then UGC allows it. So you have to see whether it fits in your case or not.

    The issue of simultaneous two regular courses which is under consideration of UGC will also be sorted out soon and we have to see what is the date with effect from which it allows that guideline. If it is from retrospective effect say 2 years back or like that then you can also hope for that advantage. So keep in touch with UGC notifications in this matter.

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  • Your diploma course is a regular one but from your query it is not clear whether the B.A. degree is on distance mode or not. You have used the word private for it. Does it mean that it is distance mode?

    So you find out that and take advantage of UGC stipulation that a student can undertake one distance mode and one regular course during the same time. Check your documents and keep them in order as you will have to produce them in that order - one distance mode and one in regular mode.

    Do not have any ambiguity in your credentials and if there is any doubt get the correctly worded certificate from the institution from where you have acquired that degree.

    Remember hat educational documents should be clear and speak themselves rather justifying the ambiguities and confusions at places.

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  • A diploma course in regular college and a degree or diploma by distance mode of education of the same university or different university is acceptable. Even as a private student also you can complete your degree while you are doing your diploma in a regular college.
    There is no problem legally. But when you apply for a job show the required certificate only. You need not to show both. For example, if you are applying for a clerical post present your degree certificate only. If it is for an engineer post show your diploma but no degree. This practice you should follow for government jobs. For private jobs, if you want you can show both the certificates.

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  • Both the courses - the Diloma course throgh the regular mode and your graduation degree done through the distance mode are not likely to create any legal problem since in both the cases, you filled up the application - form furnishing the entire relevant details and there was no objection from the authorities. Finally you appeared in both the examination with the consent of the appropriate authorities.
    However, there exists a rule prohibiting an aspirant to persue such qualifications simulteneously from the same institution but in that case a time lag say for a year is acceptable. This restriction has been designed to discourage the candidates to undertake two courses simulteneously because undertaking two courses would lead to disturbance in respect of full attention of the courses.
    If the two courses are of different modes and the university being the same, no restriction has been imposed so far and legally one can persue.

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