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  • Why scholarships to students are paid in installments in Nagaland?

    Puzzled about why student scholarships for students in Nagaland are issued in installments and not fully? Know the possible reasons from this Ask Expert page and find out if there is any way to get full scholarships issued.

    I would like to know why the government is paying half scholarship or in an installment process to students in Nagaland? Is there any way to raise concerns about this? What would be the right way to file a notice for the same and how to go about it?
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  • In Nagaland, there is a Nagaland Scholarship scheme under which many students depending upon their capability as determined by entrance exam and merit are given this scholarship.

    Unfortunately there is a delay of funds release and other formalities and students are getting the aid very late or sometimes in instalments. The Nagaland student union had taken this very sternly and there was a hunger strike also by them. Some higher ups were also alleged for misappropriation of these funds but that is under enquiry commission.

    Now as per the news in the media the Nagaland Govt is taking measures in this matter for quick disbursement of scholarships. Hope this will ease up the situation.

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  • The main problem is the availability of funds. There were some problems regarding the misuse of the scholarship money given by the central government during the period 2010 to 2015. A SIT is constituted and they have conducted an enquiry. The central government is asking for the report of SIT before they release the funds for scholarships. The SIT report for the year 2016-17 has been submitted. The report for the year 2010-2015 could not be prepared on time due to many untold reasons. So the central government is insisting for this report. For all these reasons the students are suffering.
    Recently it was mentioned in the news that the State government is trying to overcome the problems of funds and try to release the fund at the earliest. We have to wait and see.

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  • Some irregularities were noticed by the the central - government way back to 2010 and a commission was set up to investigate the entire affair and so far the investigation is going on.
    This being the main hurdle in releasing the fund from the central government - side.
    The central government is adamant on the final report to be released by the committee.
    Keeping in view of the agitational - mood of the students, the state - government is exploring all means to speed up the process of normalisation.
    Let us hope this issue is to be resolved soon with the efforts of state - government.

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