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    How to stop ear ringing sound with Ayurveda or homeopathy treatment

    Worried about Tinnitus despite hearing test being normal? Check out with experts if it can be stopped with Ayurveda or homeopathy treatment.

    I am experiencing some sound inside my ears from a week, medically called tinnitus (ear ringing sound). I consulted an ENT and I took a hearing test. The report says my hearing is normal, but I am still experiencing the sound. Is there any ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment for ear ringing tinnitus?
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  • Many people suffer from tinnitus which is nothing but a sensation of ringing sound in the ears. It is not an external sound but it is internally generated due to various reasons some of which are still under medical research.

    Ringing in the ears is an inconvenient and irritating condition of ear and the individual suffers a lot of uneasiness and disturbances because of it.

    In Ayurveda the reason of tinnitus is attributed to Prana Vayu Disturbance which falls under the Vayu Dosha category.

    In tinnitus condition the Ayurveda advises Vayu balanced diet like warm, oily food made in butter or ghee. Any liquid food is also taken warm or hot. It recommends to use ginger, garlic and cardamom. At the same time we have to reduce the quantity of dry foods, tea, coffee and tobacco.

    In Ayurveda, the life style change is considered the most important curing method and it is advised to oil the hairs and massage the body daily. One has to avoid extreme cold climate. Meditation and Yoga help a lot in these conditions. Special oil head bath and other massages under the procedure of Panchkarma are also suggested to get rid of the ringing sensations.

    There are some Homeopathic remedies that are effective in treating tinnitus. These medicines are Kali Mur, Natrum Salicylicum, Chenopodium Anthelmenticum and Chininum Sulph. For exact dose and potency one has to consult the doctor who will prescribe them based on the symptoms.

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  • Tinnitus is the condition where one may notice constant disturbing sound in either of the ear or even in both the ears. The sound may cause quite irritating and inconvenient to sufferer since it is constant one and would not go unless one takes the appropriate step to alleviate the same.
    In Ayrveda, such an abnormality is known as Vata - Doshas and one needs to pacify this Dosha with the administration of appropriate herbs such as Brahmi, Ginger, Curcumin, Cardamom etc with the consultation of the Vaidya. Vata pacification involves the regular massage of the body with either mustered, sesame or coconut oil on regular basis so that the healing effect can be noticed within two months.
    There are some precautionary steps which need to be taken simulteneously such as avoidance of sleep in day - time and one should avoid the items aggravating the Vata - Dosh such as excess consumption of coffee, tea or tobacco etc.
    In homoeopathy, there are certain medicines such as Lycopodim, Chininum - ars, Salicia, Kali - phos, Ferrum - phos, Kali - Mure, Natrum - Mure etc. For better result, an experienced Homoeopath can be consulted briefing him the entire details.

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