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    How to start a Digital Marketing agency?

    Eager to start your own digital marketing agency? Know from experts what would be the basic staff requirements and other things required to start such a venture.

    I've been maintaining a blog for many years and I wish to start a digital marketing agency to help startup companies. As I've no offline marketing/convincing skills, I need to hire employees that can solve every task. Can someone please tell me whom should I hire? I would require-one Marketing person who can convince customers, one Senior digital marketing person, and one intern. Or should I hire one digital marketing person who can do all the necessary work with a good salary offer? Also, What kind of requirements needs to be done apart from the business license, GST etc?
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  • Digital marketing has already emerged as an lucrative area for marketing the products or services. There are may companies engaged in this arena.

    Digital Marketing is basically the marketing efforts using an electronic device and the internet. There is extensive use of search engine optimisation and social media in this endeavour.

    So there are two ways of addressing this ambition. First is you join a digital marketing company. Learn the tricks of the trade by working hard with them and then launch your own enterprise.

    The second approach is go for a short course on digital marketing and then start yourself.

    To begin your agency you might need a full time and a part time assistant in your work. Do not go for the top of the class SEO experts or things like that as they will be needed only after the business picks up to a certain level.

    Keep in your mind that you have sufficient people including yourself to take care of the important functional elements like Marketing, Advertising and Exposure, Finding Clients and Providing Customer Service.

    Digital marketing requires the use of internet to optimise ones presence there so that the traffic roaming there catches you more often.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The following are the steps you have to take to have a career in Digital Marketing and to start your agency.
    1. Understand how to interact with people on social media and make sales. Study how others are interacting in social media and use channels to build relationships
    2. Join Linkedin and update your profile on this. It will make you improve your connection. Having an up to date profile will also show employers to know the facts about you.
    3. You should select someone as your mentor. It will be easy to reach out to him for advice. It can really help you in progressing well
    4 Try joining in a net workgroup through a person whom you know in your area.
    5 Create your own blog.
    6 Study for some online courses and obtain a certificate.
    3.7 You can be an in-house marketer for one company. you can work for an agency and handle lots of different clients. You can start your own agency and short working.

    This digital marketing is developing very fast and you will have good chances. It is better to work with a digital marketing company for some time to understand the problems and solving them. Once you get full confidence you can start your own agency.

    always confident

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