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    How to get a PGT school teaching job without school experience

    Not being able to get a PGT school teaching job without school experience? Find out with expert advice whether or not you can get such a job and what are your options.

    I am an MBA in international business and finance. I have also done CA inter and B COM (H) from Delhi University. I used to work as an Assistant Manager finance after completing my MBA. But due to personal reasons, I left my job but now I want to restart my career. I always had a flair for teaching and I managed to secure a job as guest faculty in a private college around 2 years back. I am also pursuing B.Ed. so as to get a school job easily. But I have experienced that schools want teachers who have prior school teaching experience only for PGT Commerce. Now with my qualification, I am not eligible for primary or other TGT subjects. Please advise how to get a school job without having school teaching experience. How will teachers like me get experience in the first place if no one gives us a chance?
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  • Today the job condition in our country is very tight and many people are beelining for the various jobs and teaching is no exception.

    Still you can pursue all sort of colleges especially the colleges in remote areas where people are unwilling to go. Once you get experience you can come out from there.

    Another possibility is to work in coaching or tutorial classes and take experience certificate from them. To some extent you can impress with these credentials.

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  • Once you complete your B.Ed, you will be eligible to apply and write the examination for a post in government schools. Once you qualify in the test and you got a good rank you will get a teaching post. The government will not ask about experience. A degree and B Ed is required for appearing in the entrance test for teacher post.
    If you want a job in a good private school as there is a lot of demand they may ask for some previous experience. There will be many schools where they will not ask for the experience but they may pay less. First, you have to identify some such school and join in that even though they pay less. While working in that school you can apply for other schools mentioning this experience.
    There are many private institutes where they don't want any experience. They may offer you a job on a part-time basis or hourly basis, you can try joining in those schools and then try for a better school.

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  • The feasible option in your case is to acquire a B.Ed degree either through a regular mode or persuing this degree through the distance mode such as choosing IGNOU, Manippal distance education, Karnataka Open University etc. In that way, you could complete your course on part- time basis offering you a chance for doing a gainful job in some private - schools.
    Look around your locality where numerous schools are functioning requiring teachers like you. You may consult the secretary of the schools for your absorption. Starting salary may not be very attractive but this will give you an oppurtunity to acquire experience which will ultimately enhance your status of employability after your B.Ed course.

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