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    How to write a letter for change of name in the bank account

    Planning to have your name changed in your Bank account and put in a request for a higher withdrawal limit? Know from experts the appropriate format to write a formal letter to the bank for this.

    I want to write a letter to change my name at the bank, telling them I want to change my old name to the new name and I want to upgrade my account from lower withdraw limit to high withdraw limit. Please enlighten me on how to do it.
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  • From your query I assume that you have legally changed your name from old to new as per the procedure and registered it in the concerned Govt office. You must be having those documents showing and certifying your name change and you have to show it to the bank along with your application to bank for name change.

    Nowadays banks have readymade forms for miscellaneous services and you can simply tick in that and submit to the bank or alternatively you can also write an application for that purpose.

    The suggested format of the letter is -

    Branch Manager dated : xx.xx.xx
    ABC Bank

    Sub: (1) Request for name change in my bank account No. xxx
    (2) Request for increase in withdrawal limit.

    Dar Sir,
    I have to inform you that I have got my name changed from my old name to my new name and I request you to incorporate it in my bank account. A copy of official registration and notification of my name changed is enclosed for your reference and further necessary action at your end.

    I also request you to increase my withdrawal limit from xxx to yyy or whatever maximum admissible as per bank rules and regulations.

    An early action in the matter is appreciated.

    Thanking you, yours

    Mobile No.

    Enclosed: Copies of documents related to name change.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • For updating bank records like address change, name change etc , bank need documentary proof and KYC documents.
    Generally names are changed by due process of legal and governmental formalities like witnessing and notarising the affidavi, publishing in newspaper, publishing in Official Gazette etc. Nowadays you may need to change the name in PAN card, Voter ID card and Aadhaar to be uniform.
    As banks ask one or other documentary proof like Aadhaar, Voter ID card with photo etc you have to get these also corrected with the new changed name. After these you can approach your bank and ask for name change, complying all the stipulated KYC formalities.
    However especially if you have availed some loan or overdraft, especially with guarantee from others, the banks may stipulate a few more formalities like freezing the exiting loan or asking to liquidate that loan or converting that loan liability into anew loan complying all formalities including concurrence of the guarantor.
    It is better to meet the bank officials rather than writing a letter, as there may be some specifics which may be cleared only by interaction with the officials.

    However for academic sake the I am giving a sample format for writing aletter to you bank for name change in your accounts, assumingthat you have all necessary documentary proof complying the legal/statutory formalities as described earlier:
    From(your name &address details)
    To( The Bank Branch Head designation and bank branch address)
    Ref/Subject: (Your account number(s) with that bank branch)
    Request for name change in my bank records

    Dear Sir, With reference to the above I request you to change my existing name( the existing name in the bank records) to my new name( new name as per gazette notification and documentary proof-all identical) and update your records accordingly .
    I am enclosing the following documents for your perusal and records.

    Kindly do the needful in this regard.

    Thanking You
    (signature )

    enclosure details:


    However I suggest that you visit the bank with all your records like pass book, credit card, proof documents in original and copies etc and personally meet the bank officials. You may do the same after contacting them over phone and fixing a mutually convenient time.

  • It is required to change your name in Aadhar Card and PAN card before you get your name changed in the bank. Because for all transactions they may ask one of these two documents. However, you are in a hurry you can try with the affidavit and newspaper publication.
    You never club two issues in one letter. Write separately two letters one for the name change and the other for increasing the withdrawal limit.
    Before giving a letter you better personally go to the bank and explain the issue clearly to the concerned officer and if necessary to the branch Manager also. After talking to them only, you submit your letter attaching the copies of the proofs required.

    The letter can be as below

    The Branch Manager,
    ABC Bank.
    city and pin code

    Dear Sir.

    I am having an account in your bank and the account number is .......
    I have changed my name to so and so name from the old name so and so. The copies of the proof for this are herewith attached. I can produce the originals at any time if you want to verify,
    I request you to Kindly look into the matter and arrange to change my name as mentioned above.
    I request you to do the needful.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Faithfully

    signature and date

    always confident

  • The format or the structure of any draft or letter remains the same except for the person or the institution we are referring to along with the meaningful mentioning of the subject with the same being briefed on the main body as well & in accordance to this, we can take a note with the below draft,

    The Branch Manager
    (Name of the Bank)
    (Complete Address along with the PIN code)

    Subject # Request for change in name & upgrade my account from lower withdrawal limit to high withdrawal limit (pl. mention the customer ID or the Account number here).

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    This is on account of below request,
    1. Request for change in name.
    2. Request for upgrading my account from lower withdrawal limit to high withdrawal limit.

    In support of the above request, I have attached the below documents for your ready reference,
    1. Certification
    2. PAN card
    3. Aadhar card
    4. Your current account details with the bank including upgrade to a verified account which offers more features and benefits, including higher limits.

    Kindle escalate to process the request & do the needful at the earliest.

    Thanking you,
    Your name & contact details (Date)

    Hoping that the above would suffice appropriately with your requirements but in case & if anything else is required, you can go ahead with the modifications & additions if desired by the bank.

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