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    Will name change affidavit and publication in newspapers be sufficient for passport documentation

    Getting passport documents' verification done soon and worried about a spelling error in the name in academic certificates? Quickly check out the guidance provided at this Ask Expert page to know if a name change affidavit and publication in newspapers be enough for smooth processing of passport documentation.

    I have a scheduled fresh passport application appointment next month. I have a concern with one letter spelling mistake in the mark sheets' documents of 10th, 12th and B.E. (the name is "Jignasa"). In other documents i.e. Voter ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, DL having a name "Jignasha" (which is correct).

    I will require education certificates as I will be entitled to ECRN status in the passport. I would like to know if obtaining a name change affidavit and publishing in two newspaper would work.
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  • The passport application will go by your educational certificates only if you produced them for their requirement. They may see also voter ID, Adhaar Card, driving licence and PAN card also. In your case, it is a simple spelling mistake only. There is no other problem. So by getting an affidavit made in which you can declare that both the names are yours and it is a spelling mistake in your certificate only. Anyhow if you contact a good lawyer in your area he will guide you how to make an affidavit and other procedures. Once the procedure is followed and you obtain your affidavit, you have to give a publication in two newspapers., one on in English and the other in local language paper. That will solve your problem.

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  • Your assessment of the situation is correct and a legal affidavit and notification in newspaper will be sufficient to solve the problem.

    Regarding the affidavit please take help of a lawyer who will bring all these errors and discrepancies of the educational documents in the affidavit write up. Please ensure that things are clearly mentioned in the affidavit and after it is prepared check it yourself so that there is no wrong information there.

    Please also annex copies of all the relevant documents with this affidavit so that it becomes a self sufficient document to be shown to passport office.

    The affidavit is to be signed by you in presence of a court magistrate who will countersign this under his seal.

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  • Yes, Affidavit and name change publication in two newspaper is enough to get a passport. You shouldselect one national level newspaper and one local newspaper.

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