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    Which are the best courses for a career in Digital Marketing?

    Eager to pursue a career in digital marketing? Know from experts which would be the ideal courses that would benefit you to take up a career in digital marketing.

    I would like to know about a career in Digital Marketing. Can a person who has been working for a BPO make a career shift to Digital Marketing? What is the best course available and how to start a career in Digital Marketing?
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  • 1. A person working for a BPO can make a shift of career to Digital Marketing. There will not be any problem. You can even do digital marketing while working for a BPO also. You need not discontinue the job. You can work for some extra hours for digital marketing.
    2. There are many institutes offering courses in Digital Marketing. They are online courses, certificate courses and diploma courses are also there. A few are mentioned below.
    A. The Complete Digital Marketing Course. This course will teach you some in-depth knowledge about
    Master Digital Marketing: Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Email, Facebook Marketing, Analytics etc
    B. Digital Marketing Masterclass. This course will help you in growing your Business with Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Content, YouTube, Email Marketing, Websites.
    C. NIIT Digital Marketing: NIIT is a very well known training institute in India. NIIT is offering a good digital marketing course. The details can be obtained from the nearest NIIT.
    D.Manipal Global Education Services: Manipal run hospitals, training institutes, resorts and clubhouses. As a part of their Global education services, they offer digital marketing training.
    E. is an education and training company based in Bangalore, India. They have more than 100 certification courses. They have online and offline training programmes based on the needs of the individuals.
    3. The following are the steps you have to take to have a career in Digital Marketing.
    3.1 understand how to interact with people on social media and make sales. Study how others are interacting in social media and use channels to build relationships
    3.2 Join Linkedin and update your profile on this. It will make you improve your connection. Having an up to date profile will also show employers to know the facts about you.
    3.3 You should select someone as your mento. It will be easy to reach out to him for advice. It can really help you in progressing well
    3.4 Try joining in a net workgroup through a person whom you know in your area.
    3.5 Have your own blog.
    3.6 Go for some online courses.
    3.7 You can be an in-house marketer for one company. you can work for an agency and handle lots of different clients.
    This digital marketing is developing very fast and you will have good chances.

    always confident

  • Marketing is one of the most important element of a business. A good product will remain waiting for the customers if an effective marketing is not behind it. Now marketing is shifting to digital marketing arena and the information regarding the product is being given to the customer right on the device he is working. It could be a smartphone or tablet. So the marketing through the digital media and internet is emerging as one of the big areas and definitely it makes sense to join the bandwagon.

    So there are two ways of addressing the task of carving a career in this line. First is go for a crash course in digital marketing and then join some agency who are already in this line and work there. Learn the tricks of the trade and switch to greener pastures.

    Second way is to go for a detailed course on digital marketing and learn its techniques and subtleties and then with the help of a few people or employees start your own work.

    In any way one has to get the basic knowledge and skill in this field. Today there are many online portals which are training people on this emerging area and there are colleges and institutions which offer this course.

    Some of these institutions are -

    (l) Institute of Digital Marketing
    Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Ph: 092204 40020

    (2) LIPS INDIA
    Pune, Maharashtra
    Ph: 098334 58906

    (3) NSDM INDIA
    Pune, Maharashtra
    Ph: 088063 40515

    (4) Digiperform
    New Delhi, Delhi
    Ph: 095992 45994

    (5) Delhi Institute of Computer Courses
    New Delhi, Delhi
    Ph: 082879 96284

    There are many online portals also giving training on digital marketing. Some of them are Udemy, Skillshare, Hubspot, Coursera, Google Academy, Alison, LinkedIn and HubSpot.

    You are already working in BPO sector and now want to change your career to digital marketing. What I will suggest is understand the basic of this subject thoroughly and then go for skill enhancement by learning the aspects element wise. Please remember that when you switch to new areas what is with you is only knowledge and you have to create networking and business relations by using this knowledge judiciously. So life will be tough in the beginning and a lot of hard work will also be required but keep yourself devoted to your interest and career with full zeal and vigour and definitely success will be with you.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you all for your valuable answers. Is that possible to work as an Intern at the age of 33 years to gain some experience in Digital Marketing?

    Thank You,

  • Its a good decision as digital marketing has a long term career opportunities whereas BPO experience wont help much in career growth. I'd list some good institutes where you can get a good placement too after complete the course.

    DSIM- Delhi School of Internet Marketing (
    Digital Vidya
    Times pro

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