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    Is wearing push-up or padded bra harmful for women?

    Worried that padded bras and push-up bras are having harmful effects and may even cause breast cancer? Find out if this is a myth or there are supporting facts not to wear them.

    I am wearing padded bras for the last 8 years, but now I had heard from someone that wearing such bras leads to breast cancer. So, for now, I am worried about whether I should continue wearing such bras or I should quit using padded bras? The thing is I really loved and enjoyed wearing different types and colors of padded bras. Now as I am getting married I want to shop for some more new padded bras for me, so let me know whether I should opt for padded bras or simple cotton bras?
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  • In these matters it is comfort and convenience that matters first. As you have "really loved and enjoyed wearing" these bras for last 8 years, I suggest that you continue to wear them if that boosts your confidence and gives you comfort and convenience.

    We get to read now a days that anything and everything is carcinogenic. There are some half truths, some established inferences and even some vested marketing interest in them. It has become very difficult for us to separate chaff and grain from them.

    Generally the aids like padded bras etc can give discomforts and problems like bacterial and fungal infections due to improper fitting and not proper hygiene, or due to some irritable materials. As you have not faced such issue, you now know which to select and use from your experience of last 8 year.
    Had it been properly established, the world bodies like UN and medical authorities would ave come up with proper awareness campaigns.

    Hence in the absence of wide and strong fact based research results,I think you may continue to do what is comfortable and convenient to you.

  • Even though many people talk about this all of the data available says that there is no harm in wearing these bras. One should be comfortable with the underwears and dresses they wear. If they are not comfortable they need not to go for it. They help your breasts look better.
    But tight clothes wearing may cause sweating and may result in itching. So it is better to wear them only when you go out. In nights it is advisable not to wear any bra.
    Many people say ordinary unpadded bras are better. They say blood circulation may be a problem and sometimes some lumps in the chest if padded bras are used continuously. These are all beliefs only. There is no proof.
    However, I feel when you are in the house you can use cotton bras and special occasions you can use padded bras and no bra in the night. This will be good for you.

    always confident

  • Padded or push up bra is an artificial measure to enhance the apparent size of women breasts and is globally used for this purpose and there are some reasons of wearing it which are associated with the contemporary fashions also.

    Anyway, the global business of these items are of a very high magnitude and it is one of the top selling items in women inner wears.

    Coming to the point of any health hazard, it is clear that these bras exert a continuous pressure on the breasts and it may to some extent interfere with the smooth flow of blood. Though it is otherwise also a very common thing that tumour type lumps are formed in the woman's breast but we can not exclude its early formation with such a continuous pressure on them.

    There are some medical persons who believe that wearing such inner wears can make the woman more susceptible to breast cancer though this fact is not established by any research so far. It is also believed that there some other hazards also associated with these high fashion items and they are sleep disorders, damage to breast tissues and slight shape deformation once the bra is removed.

    The manufacturers have come out with various designs of these padded bra for more and more comfort but when fastened on the back they impart good pressure on the soft breast tissues and after removing them one can witness the red groove marks due to blood flow congestion.

    The plain cotton bra also imparts little pressure but it is comparatively low and may not be harmful.

    So we have to choose between the comfort of wearing these accessories or increased risk of getting ailments. It is entirely a personal decision.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are varying understandings about this issue not only in the medical world but in common public.

    From a common sense point of view why we should unnecessarily tie or pressurise our body parts for the sake of fashion. The back pain generated by continuous wearing of high heels is well known and an established fact. There are cases where body builders got ailments due to excessive stretching of the body.

    What I will suggest is one should go for padded or push up bras but one should go for models having a loose or adequate fitting rather than a tight or bandage type of inconvenient thing.

    Fashion is also necessary in this world but not on the cost of health. There are other alternatives also like wearing cotton bras with separate cups for filling the vacant space on the front and other innovative ideas rather than going for the tight ones.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • The exact reason for breast cancer is not clearly known. So, we can't say for sure whether any special type of bra can cause breast cancer, or not. But old-timers always advise against use of any artificial measures to create attractiveness.

    The push-up bra is an artificial measure to create a sense of bigger breast size. Continuously wearing such bra may harm the muscles of the breast. It would be better you take the advice of an experienced and reliable lady-doctor, and follow her guidance in this regard.

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  • To put an excess pressure on some points may cause disruption of blood - flow. The padded bras have been designed for the comforts of ladies but it's fixture on the back - side may cause severe strain on the back - region. This may be evident from the fact there may be red - spot on the back - side due to development of tremendous pressure on that region.
    If such a pressure is exerted on a long time, this may give rise to lumps and ultimately such lumps could trigger cancer ultimately.
    However, this has not been scientifically proved but a precaution in this area is to be exercised by choosing such bras giving comforts of the breasts with some loose fitting inside the cups holding the brass and care is to be taken such bras are purely made from cotton. Fitting at the back - end should be designed to lessen the pressure on that region so that red spots are not visible.

  • Mainly women wear bras to make themselves comfortable and bras serve as the base for any woman's dress. Therefore, it is most important to choose a bra based on your comfort zone. It does not matter whether the bra is padded or normal.

    Many people have the illusion that padded bras cause damage but this is only a myth, nothing happens. The myth among women that padded bras can only be worn by women with low breasts is also completely false. The padded bra has no relation to the breast being low or high.

    Choosing the right size is the most important, be it padded bra or normal should always be the right size. If the bra is loose, you will not have breast pushups. If your cup size is big, then wearing a bra of the wrong size can make your look ugly. So always choose the right bra.

    Another major problem that is found in society is that women do not talk openly about their bra size in a sarcastic and embarrassed manner. Due to this, she is often not able to get advice from the people in this subject and sometimes they choose the wrong bra which does not match their size.

    It is very important to understand that bra is a normal fabric made only for women as it is necessary for their body structure, there is nothing to hesitate. Therefore, you should buy a bra only after knowing the correct number as well as with the appropriate measurement sizes A, B, C of your bra.

  • Generally, any kind of inner-wear is used for keeping body parts tight. As far as a bra is concerned, its purpose is almost same to keep breast tight. Usually, Padded or push up bra is worn to enhance the size of breasts and sometimes worn for fashion purpose also. If you use continuously padded bra then there are more chances to be created lumps in breast which leads to cancer. But, it is not clinically approved. It is just a people thought. But, the health point of view why should one keep unnecessary pressure on body parts.
    As per my suggestion, one should wear comfortable bra rather than tight bra obviously, tight bra creates a lot of problems. It is not a prudent decision to adopt any fashion on the cost of health.
    One important thing, while choosing bra one should be conscious regarding the material of cloth as different material of bra is available in the market such as banyan, cotton, fabric etc. Many quality of cloth starts infection and itching in the breast.
    As per my view, a cotton bra is more comfortable than padded or pushes up bra from the health point of view.

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