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    How to change the name of my spouse in my Army documents

    Worried about a different name of your spouse in Army documents? Get quick advice on how to rectify it with the correct name and which officials to approach to get the procedure done in the correct and legal manner.

    I am Davis, retired from the Army on 31st August 2005 after 21 years of service. As per Army documents, my spouse's name is Mini and her DOB is 20 Jul 1970. However, her name as per school certificate is Jemini and DOB is 27 May 1967. She hid her actual name because she didn't like that name and the DOB also was unknown to me so I just put in a DOB because it was not an issue in 1993 when I married her. Now the Adhar, PAN and election ID and Bank Accounts are all showing her name as Mini.

    When she applied for her driving license, they asked for the school certificate and issued the license in the name of Jemini and DOB as per her school certificate. Now it is a problem because the Driving license and everything needs to be linked with Aadhar. So I need to go back with her actual name and DOB starting from my Army documents and subsequently every other document too. Please advise what steps I should take.
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  • You meet a good lawyer in your area and explain the entire history. He will make an affidavit in which your wife will declare that Mini and Jemini are the names of her onlly. Her date of birth is so and so. That declaration in the form of an affidavit will be signed in presence of class 2 magistrate and it will become a legal document. The same will be published by the government gazette also. Once you get the original affidavit, you should keep it with you and publish the information in minimum two newspapers one in the local language and the other in English. You keep the original affidavit and copies of the paper advertisements with you. Where ever required you can attach a copy of the same and continue. Then you need not to worry about changing in all the documents. I suggest this as the best course of action and can be completed quickly.
    Now if you want to change in all the documents by attaching a copy of this affidavit you have to apply for individual authorities and they will do the needful. But it is a time taking process and you have to wait for a long time. Of course, meanwhile, you can manage with the affidavit.

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  • In your case, there are many issues mixed up and simple correction will not be helpful. So, you will have to go for a legal affidavit in the matter.

    Contact a lawyer who can prepare an affidavit detailing these errors in documents and then affirm the name of your wife and her DOB giving the support of the documents like Aadhar card and other credentials.

    Please keep a copy of relevant documents annexed and numbered with this affidavit which will become an integral part of it.

    Once the affidavit is prepared check it for any possible typing errors and rectify them.

    Now take this affidavit to a court magistrate amd sign it in his presence. The magistrate will countersign it under his seal and then it will become a legal document.

    Please keep this affidavit and show it whoever requires to verify your wife's credentials. Keep copies of this handy as they may like to keep one as reference and records.

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