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    What is the age limit for appearing in 10th CBSE 2020 board exam

    Unsure whether or not your son is eligible to appear for the 2020 CBSE Board exams of Class 10? Check with the experts if your son's date of birth makes him eligible to appear for the exams next year.

    Currently my son is giving exams of 9th class and will be promoted to 10th class. He will appear in CBSE Board exams in March 2020. His date of birth is 11-05-2005. I am worried about his eligibility to appear for the CBSE Board exam 2020. Does he fulfill the minimum age limit of CBSE board?
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  • As per the CBSE rules and regulations, the minimum age for a student required to appear in the 10th exam is minimum 14 years or above. Your son born on 11.05.2005 He will appear 10th exam in 2020. He will complete his 14th year by 11.5.1019. So when he is appearing for the exam he will be in his 15th year. So there will not be any problem of age for him to appear in the exam in 2020,

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  • Thanks Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao. for your quick reply. But some people on this site is commenting like...As per their statement my son should be age of 14 on March 31-2019.
    Please read Juana's statement.

  • As per the CBSE guidelines the minimum age to appear in the 10th exam is 14 years as of 31st december of the year of examination ( in your case it is 2020).

    Your son's date of birth is 11.05.2005 so he will attain 14 years on 11.05.20019 itself.

    So there is no fear of underage for him.

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  • As per CBSE guidelines the lower age should not be less than 14 as on 31st December of the year in which the student is attending exam. In your case he will be appearing in the exam in the year 2020 by which time he will be well above 14 so there is no issue on that.

    CBSE stipulates for the lower age limit but there is no upper limit of age mentioned there.

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  • Your son will complete 14 years on 11-05-2019, As per CBSE guidelines, the minimum age of a Xth Std. candidate should be 14 on 31st December of the preceding year of the examination. So, your son will be age-wise eligible for CBSE Xth Examination 2020.

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  • Your son is to appear for class ten examination conducted by CBSE in 2020 and his date of birth is 11.05. 2005. By computing his eligibility criteria of age, he will be around 14 yrs and 07 months on 31. 12. 2019 indicating that he is fulfilling the criteria in respect of age.
    The minimum age of a candidate should be 14 years on 31 st December of the preceding year of the examination and hence you should not be perturbed unnecessarily.

  • Thanks to all for your valuable answer.

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