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    How to resolve problem of Ctrl+C feature not working immediately

    Have a query about shortcut key not working the first time? Looking out for resolution to this query? On this Ask Expert page check out responses from experts and decide how to use this short cut effectively and carry out copy feature.

    When submitting an article or a job post and placing a link in it, I keep the Word doc open which has the relevant HTML tags for an internal link or an external link. I select the tag and use Ctrl+C (copy) keys, then go to the post and do Ctrl+V (paste). However, it does not get copied the first time around. Every time, I have to perform this task twice. I am having similar problems for my blogs when I am trying to use Ctrl+C to copy-paste something from one blog to another, whether it is text or a link. Note that when I use the 'copy' tool from the Word doc, that works, but I prefer directly using the Ctrl+C keys on the keyboard.

    What could be the problem in the Ctrl+C not working right away, the first time? Why do I have to use it twice each time?
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  • I would like to know that whether this only being the case or is the problem with few other keys or key combination as well. As a first option, try uninstalling the device driver by going through with the Control panel-Device Manager & then restart the system. This should work & if not than as an alternate option, try it through with some external keyboard & check again by pressing with the same combination of keys.

    Because this doesn't seems to be the hardware related problem & therefore we can try to find out the solution from the above steps which doesn't require any technical expertise & these doesn't involved with any negative impacts with your device.

    As a bad experience of mine, once when few of the keys didn't work on my Sony laptop, the service center had advised me for the replacement because the maintenance or the servicing of the keyboard is not possible & if the same case is with you then I am afraid that it's going to cost you some.


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  • As it is working in the next attempt so we can exclude the possibility of keyboard gone bad.

    The next possibility is that sometimes it happens when there is some problem in the keyboard driver programs. In that case one has to go to control panel and select add/ remove programs and scroll down to find out the keyboard driver application. We have to uninstall it.

    Next step is to go to the Microsoft internet site and download the driver suitable for your version of windows and then install it in your laptop.

    In most of the cases it helps in solving this problem.

    Knowledge is power.

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