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    Exam checking related question

    Are you worried about ink change in the answer sheet? Looking out for advice regarding whether this will impact the paper checking and marks? No worries, find advice from experts here and decide further plan of action.

    I have a doubt , that on 7 March I was having Maths paper of CBSE class 10 and in between my ongoing paper suddenly my pen stopped working. So I changed my pen. Will this harm my marks because everybody is saying that I should have stamp or sign in my answer sheet by the the invigilator as a permission for changing the pen?
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  • Now that you have already given the answer sheets,you do not have any control on that.Hence you need not worry about that.Let it take its normal course. But take corrective steps for future.

    If the exam guidance sheet or the guidance points in the answer sheet does not mention about change of ink or using two different inks, then you need not worry at all.
    If your answers are correct you will get marks.

    However for appearance it will not look good if an answer is written in two inks. It just gives the answer sheet valuer a hint that the student is not careful and does not have a good habit of checking his pen and filling it before going to the exams. This may affect sometimes if the answers are not upto the expected level. The valuer will feel that the student is not studious and serious at all. So such case can affect the borderline students as they may not get the 'sympathy' evaluation.
    Otherwise no problem.
    My suggestion now is, do no worry over what you cannot control now. Be careful in future. Be a serious student and take care of all these things beforehand and go confidently to the exam hall. Best Wishes.

  • Changing a pen need not be given that much thinking if the colour of ink in both pens is the same. There is no problem as the handwriting will be the same. Generally, many people will carry two pens for fall back arrangement. But they will see that the colour of the ink is the same in both pens. But it is better to inform the same to the invigilator. But they will never disqualify your paper. You need not to worry.
    Already what is to be happened has happened. Now there is nothing in your hands. Is there any instruction in writing or orally that the same pen is to be used throughout the answer sheet. Is there any instruction to inform the invigilator in case of change of the pen. If the answer is no, you don't think anything about the problem. Your paper will be evaluated as usual and there will not be any problem for you.
    Don't waste your time thinking about this.

    always confident

  • If a student changes his pen it is quite normal as it can happen that the first pen malfunctions. So, to that extent there is absolutely no problem. If the other pen is also blue ink then it is perfectly all right.

    Now it can sometimes happen that the second pen may have black ink in place of blue. Still it is not a problem because there is only a change from blue to black and there are no stringent rules that one has to write only with blue and not black ink. Moreover, the handwriting and flow of writing will clearly tell the examiner that it is the same student.

    But suppose the second pen would had been a red ink then it will not be accepted as it is reserved for the examiner.

    So it is better to avoid the ink colour change as far as possible. An answer copybook completed with single ink is preferred.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Since you have finished your examination in Mathematics, you need not worry now.
    In general cases, students keep two pens along with them keeping in mind that the pen being used for writing in the examination may stop any time due to discontinuation of flow of ink and in that event second pen may be used.
    Problem does not arise if ink is of the same nature and script looks all the same despite changing the pen. It could be noticeable only when the colour has completely changed from Blue to Black or vice -versa. The examiner may mark the callous attitude of the examinee but even then your marking for that paper would not change since uniform hand - writing of the entire paper would provide the examiner a proof that no unfair means has been adopted.

  • I don't feel so because there isn't any objections from the examining team at the center the time the sheets were submitted & therefore it is absolutely qualifying on your end. In addition, in case of any confusion you can go ahead for consultations from your teachers as well who can assist you for any further clarifications. The another step is to wait & evident of the numbers on your mark sheet that in case of huge differences in between the expected with the marks obtained you can judge the overall scenario instantly. Finally, there are options available wherein you can opt for a separate examination on any specific subjects that you feel you can improve & in that case you need to pay a certain amount for its conduct.

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