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    Certificates' issuance criteria to civil servants working in central government departments

    Wondering what could be the criteria to issue integrity or other types of certificates to a Central Govt. civil servant? Check out the possible criteria mentioned in the responses below.

    What are the criteria for issuing an integrity certificate and other certificates to civil servants working under central government departments on the basis of efficient and clean administration? I wish to know, too, if the negative aspects could possibly hamper the promotion and issuance of service-related certificates to such civil servants? Supposing, for example, a formal complaint of a citizen is made, then would it affect the tenure of the civil servant against whom it is made or affect in any other way?
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  • The departmental head or the ministry under which the person is working or the respective state government has to give the integrity certificate for the officers who are in the promotion list. In the absence of this certificate, even though the person is due for promotion, will not be considered for promotion.
    Integrity certificate will be not issued to the concerned officers by the concerned authorities if any of the following points are there in the service of the officer.
    (a) Officers under suspension;
    (b) Officers in respect of whom a charge sheet has been issued and disciplinary proceedings are pending ;
    (c) Officers in respect of whom prosecution for a criminal charge is pending.
    In the absence of the above three points, there will not be any right to the departments to stop the integrity certificate.
    Based on a formal complaint by a person no one can stop the issue of integrity certificate unless otherwise it is proved and some action is taken on the officer.

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  • When a IAS officer is working in a particular state then an integrity certificate is required from the state Govt to the effect that the officer has done and performed his duties as per the ethical guidelines of civil service.

    The integrity certificate is only issued when there is no case pending against the officer and he is not under punishment or suspension.

    This becomes very important in the cases where there is the promotion of the officer under consideration or he is being considered for some special assignment based on his experience and performance.

    In other services only annual confidential report is sufficient for the purpose but in civil services integrity certificate is mandatory.

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